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Types of Fatigue and Summary of Overall Approach – How to Proceed

Optimum EnergyWhat do YOU mean by Fatigue?

“Fatigue” is a very vague term which means different things to different people. Some people have severe fatigue, and qualify to be diagnosed with the most extreme form known as “Chronic fatigue syndrome,” others are further up the spectrum nearer “tired all the time” or suffering milder forms of feeling “stressed” and “burnt out”. There are different TYPES of fatigue as well as different levels of severity along the spectrum from severe chronic fatigue syndrome up to normal healthy tiredness.

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Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis



Why you MUST visit your Doctor if you have fatigue, even if it is mild

Fatigue can be caused as a side effect of other serious diseases including cancer, liver disorders, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis and well as heart disease. For this reason is it vital that you go to your local medically qualified doctor and have a general set of blood tests done which can easily and cheaply flag up any serious issues and simply get them ruled out.

Another reason to get these tests done, is that once you have the results, you can use them results to assess for functional nutritional imbalances which the vast majority of conventional medical doctors are not qualified or trained to look at. More on this below.

Afraid to get a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Label it?…

The label is really just useful information – it’s not your destiny unless you choose that

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The Supplement Protocol for Optimum Energy

SupplementsIn this foundation supplement phase, the aim is to give basic support for all the major energy-producing organs and systems in the body, so it supports mitochondrial function, reducing oxidative stress, immunity, methylation, glutathione, blood sugar balance and basic nutrients for protein systems, cell membranes and carbohydrate metabolism.

The foundation protocol is designed to be further customised with testing for functional imbalances in each of these areas (e.g. for nutritional deficiencies, low glutathione, poor mitochondrial function etc), so it is ideal to be on the foundation supplement protocol, then targeted support can be given after testing to address unique needs.

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7 Steps to Optimum Energy and Well-Being


Step No 1: Take a Concurrent Integral (Multi-factorial) Approach

Many people approach optimum energy in a piece-meal way, looking for single one-shot approaches, or focusing on one theory of imbalance only and thus don’t get the best out of their health strategy for well-being. Optimising energy is similar to the way a plant or seed grows. Plants and seeds need a multi-factorial approach (psychology, nutrition, supportive emotional and physical environment) to grow – they need all of these below together:

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The Art of Activity Pacing

exercise1Recommendations for Activity Pacing

If you are “stressed,’ “burnt out” or suffering from more serious chronic fatigue, avoiding patterns of “boom and bust” with your physical (and emotional) activity is critical for returning to optimum energy. You can be doing too much – equally, it’s not good to be doing to little either, as is explained further below, it’s about finding the right balance.

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The Art of Dealing with Detoxification and Reactions to Supplements

Supplements2What are detoxification reactions?

When we are given an energy or health boost, or are provided with nutrients that we were previously lacking, this often causes the mobilisation of toxins within the body, as they start to be released and cleared by the body, now that it is stronger than it was before. This is also known as a ‘healing crisis’ or a “Herxheimer” reaction. Often the reaction is temporary and can be managed by reducing the supplement dosage or ‘cycling’ the supplement described in the section below.

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Training Video on the Comprehensive Systems Approach to Optimum Energy

BRAINBelow is a video training on a comprehensive systems biology, psychoneuroimmunological approach to dealing with stress and optimum energy. It was originally given to 40 practitioners in San Diego in July 2014. It is n expansion of the article I wrote for CAM magazine covering leading researcher Dr Leonard Jason’s “limbic kindling” model of fatigue.

If you are a practitioner you can watch this video for free by registering as a practitioner at the Qi Research Portal. If you are a member of BANT, you can also obtain CPD points.

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The 5 Levels of Healing and Creation Video Training

5 Levels Pyramid PinkEven 5000 years ago, the Indian yogi’s like Patanjali knew that humans don’t just have one “body.” In truth when it comes to health and healing we have at least five “bodies” to consider, not just one. These include the physical body, the emotional/energetic body, the mental body, the intuitive body and the spirit body. Each body has its own type of physiology and anatomy, and different healing modalities are appropriate for different levels. Health imbalances can be originating from any of the “levels” or bodies, so it is important to treat the imbalance at the level it is originating from.

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Basic Video Training Introduction to Using Genetic Testing

DNAThe below training was given to a group of 40 practitioners in San Diego in the USA in June 2014. It is a basic introduction to genetic testing and single nucleotide polymorphisms (mutations) in general that is also useful for non-practitioners.

If you are a qualified practitioner, you can watch this training for free by registering and signing into the Qi Research portal here. If you are a member of BANT, you can also earn CPD points for watching the video.

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CommunityHow to Make Detoxification an Ongoing Way of Life

Following on from the articles on why to detox, and how to complete a Home Chemical Clean up, it is advisable these days for everyone to take ongoing measures to protect themselves from toxins and make detoxification a way of life. Here’s how:

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LiverHow to Complete a Home Chemical Clean-Up

This post follows on from the post WHY complete a home chemical clean-up, and covers what EVERYONE is advised to do to complete a home/office chemical clean-up to support optimum energy and a healthy lifespan.

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pollutionWhy Complete a Home Chemical Clean-up – The Evidence

A two-year study involving five independent research laboratories in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands has found up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies from racial and ethnic minority groups. In the face of unprecedented human exposure to toxins today, more than ever we are going to need to know how to clean up our environment….

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