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CommunityHow to Make Detoxification an Ongoing Way of Life

Following on from the articles on why to detox, and how to complete a Home Chemical Clean up, it is advisable these days for everyone to take ongoing measures to protect themselves from toxins and make detoxification a way of life. Here’s how:

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LiverHow to Complete a Home Chemical Clean-Up

This post follows on from the post WHY complete a home chemical clean-up, and covers what EVERYONE is advised to do to complete a home/office chemical clean-up to support optimum energy and a healthy lifespan.

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pollutionWhy Complete a Home Chemical Clean-up – The Evidence

A two-year study involving five independent research laboratories in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands has found up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies from racial and ethnic minority groups. In the face of unprecedented human exposure to toxins today, more than ever we are going to need to know how to clean up our environment….

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