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Enneagram Global Summit: 9 Pathways for Transformation
The Enneagram Global Summit is back in 2017! What ...
The Enneagram Global Summit is back in 2017!
What if you had a roadmap — a “soul-map” — for understanding who you are and how attachment trauma and other childhood influences shaped you and the people around you?
A time-tested system that integrates your whole being and can be applied to every area of your life?

And what if this map could help you tap into your essential nature, resulting in truly authentic relationships and a deep sense of living “on purpose”?

This map exists, and it’s the Enneagram… a powerful personality typing system that serves as a profound gateway to your inner wisdom. It can shed light on behaviors which might be undermining your ability to access wholeness, true intimacy and fulfilment of your life’s dreams.

Emotional Trauma and Balancing Hormones
Join me for this FREE summit where I am interviewe...
Join me for this FREE summit where I am interviewed by my good friend Bridgit Danner on the subject of emotional trauma and the impact on female hormonal balance after 40. As we grow older hormonal changes can trigger or worsen chronic fatigue and other ailments in some women - but it doesn't have to. Join us on this FREE summit and learn how to prevent and reverse hormonal imbalances covering your emotional and physical health. Register FREE here - don't miss out! (more…)
Increase your energy interview series
This month, by friend Steph Jensen is hosting the ...
This month, by friend Steph Jensen is hosting the Increase Your Energy Summit. Steph suffered from chronic fatigue herself and has interviewed over fifteen experts on ways to improve energy. In my interview I talk about how emotional stress in childhood leads to a 600% increased risk of fatigue in adulthood, ways to heal emotional trauma and much more. There are some talented clinicians, practitioners and speakers on this summit about improving energy including detox expert Wendy Myers, gut health expert Michael Ash, energy medicine expert Harry Massey, functional medicine practitioner Evan Brand and many more. Check out this free summit here. Enjoy! To your health and abundant energy, Niki
Using Essential Oils to Help Release Emotional Trauma
In my practice, I have found essential oils can be...
Essential OilsIn my practice, I have found essential oils can be a great aide in clearing emotions related to trauma. Essential oils contain aroma compounds which directly affect the limbic system through olfaction (smell). (more…)
The Global Stress Summit
My friend, New York Times bestselling author Dr He...
STRESS17_banner_attend_600x600My friend, New York Times bestselling author Dr Heidi Hanna is hosting the Global Stress Summit starting on April 24th this month. Dr Hanna suffered debilitating anxiety, depression and panic attacks from age 12. With no medical explanation for her symptoms, she was forced into studying mind-body medicine in great depth. (more…)
Emotional Trauma and Your Microbiome
Dr Kellman, the host of the hugely popular upcomin...
BIOME17_banner_day-7Dr Kellman, the host of the hugely popular upcoming Microbiome Medicine II Summit said that my interview with him was a "landmark interview" and the "most important one on the summit." Dr Kellman and I talked in depth about how the functional medicine approach to gut health was a "partial truth," but not the whole picture. In this interview for the first time, I talk about attachment trauma  and cover in detail the impact of emotional trauma on the health of your microbiome. Not to be missed... Join me for this great event on May 8th-15th, 2017, register free here: http://healthaffiliate.center/7199-10.html (more…)
The Gut Health Super Bundle
As part of my ongoing commitment to try to share v...
Banner1As part of my ongoing commitment to try to share valuable articles, free events and products which cover both the mind AND body approaches for optimum health and energy, I'm bringing your attention to the Super Gut Health Bundle - sale opens today 22nd March 8am pm Eastern USA time. (more…)
Interview with Dr Keesha Ewers on Emotional Trauma
Recently Dr Keesha Ewers interviewed me for her up...
DrKeeshaAbout3Recently Dr Keesha Ewers interviewed me for her upcoming Women's Vitality Summit. It was a REAL meeting of minds! Dr Keesha, like me, is deeply committed to both the emotional and spiritual aspects of health, beyond just the physical in all of her patients. She' been in medicine for over 30 years and has come to the same conclusions as me! As both a board certified functional and advanced Ayurvedic practitioner AND a psychotherapist - she understands the deepest root causes of illness. She's the author of Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle: The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health and Your Libido Story: A Workbook for Women Who Want to Find, Fix, and Free Their Sexual Desire. If you want to hear our stellar interview - join me on her Women's Vitality Summit  - it's free to Register Here. bannerWe explored deeply the role of childhood trauma as a root cause of so many illnesses women experience, how women can help each other through creating supportive groups for fun, sharing and connection - and so much more! There are many other powerful speakers on the summit - 40+ including Dr Dan Siegal - the neuroscientist who wrote the book I recommend about attachment trauma so check out the summit here. See you there! Niki
“Silent ACEs:” The Epidemic of Attachment and Developmental Trauma
A 2004 landmark study of over 300,000 adults confi...
cultureA 2004 landmark study of over 300,000 adults confirmed that social support was a stronger predictor of survival than physical activity, body mass index, hypertension, air pollution, alcohol consumption and even smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Clearly healthy supportive relationships are critical for our health. Extensive research shows that the quality of our adult human relationships and social interactions is defined by how we attached with our primary caregivers as a young child. Over 6000 mother-baby interactions in the “Strange Situation” studies from 1970-1999 found that a blockbusting 45% of babies insecurely attach with their mother. These statistics have been confirmed by over 10,000 Adult Attachment Interviews over 25 years up to 2009. As of 2017, probably only 50% of adults are capable of secure, happy loving adult relationships. What does this mean for our health and what can be done about it? (more…)
Are you part of the 75% with blood sugar problems?
 Lately, it seems like almost everyone has proble...
 Niki DiabetesLately, it seems like almost everyone has problems with their blood sugar. According to a 2015 study, nearly half the US population had diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Add to that all the Americans who are overweight, obese,  or have insulin resistance and other blood sugar imbalances, that number likely climbs above 75%! Unfortunately it’s not just in the US.  Diabetes has become a global epidemic, predicted to get much worse in the next 20 years. (more…)
Registration open for the 2017 EFT Tapping World Summit
February 27th at 8PM ET, USA. That is the time and...
Tapping world summitFebruary 27th at 8PM ET, USA. That is the time and date the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or  Tapping World Summit begins - register your spot today here! Tapping is a scientifically proven technique that works to rewire the brain by sending calming signals to the amygdala, the stress center of the brain, allowing both the body and brain to release limitations from negative experiences, emotions, thoughts and much more that hold us back from creating the life we want. I highly recommend checking out the page below to learn all about it, and about why you need to attend this massive free online event (over 500,000 people attended last year alone!). The event starts on February 27th but there are a full 10 days of life-altering presentations... (more…)
Is your thyroid making you sick?
When someone asks, “how are you” do you ever f...
1200x628_2When someone asks, “how are you” do you ever feel like you’re lying to them and to yourself when you say “great”?   (more…)
3 Tapping Meditations for Feeling Calm, Relaxed and at Peace
I have three free resources for you today, which y...
MeditationI have three free resources for you today, which you can access immediately and also download so that you can use them any time you need them. The three resources are all Tapping Meditations. If you've never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it's a process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala in the brain. In these meditations you'll get to follow along as New York Times best-selling author Jessica Ortner guides you through three calming and empowering processes. The three meditations that you can access immediately are: 1 - Releasing Stress and Overwhelm (Something that we can all use on a daily basis!) 2 - Moving from Anger to Peace (An often misunderstood emotion that so many deal with!) 3 - Releasing Anxiety and Worry (Anxiety is a much bigger challenge than people realize!) Just go here to access them now: https://rd117.isrefer.com/go/TWS-EMed-VS3/Nikigr/ Enjoy these meditations. I know they can be a great resource for you. 🙂 Niki P.S. - These meditations, along with two other videos, are being released as part of the lead up to the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit which starts on February 27th. There will be 10 days of free presentations (2 per day) where you get to learn from the world's leading Tapping experts on a variety of topics. Over 2 million people have attended this event over the past 8 years! But, until the event starts, make sure to access the meditations by going here: https://rd117.isrefer.com/go/TWS-EMed-VS3/Nikigr/
The Emotional Freedom Technique for Healing Past Trauma
Continuing the video series on using the Emotional...
Continuing the video series on using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to clear past trauma, today we have a rare interview with Louise Hay. For those who don't know her, you could call her the Grandmother of mind-body medicine. She's the original author of New York Times Best-Seller You Can Heal Your Life which sold 50 million copies in 25 different languages. Louise had a painful childhood with a violent stepfather, she was raped when she was five years old by a neighbor and became pregnant at sixteen and gave the baby up for adoption. Years later she developed cervical cancer and became convinced healing the pain and resentment from her childhood trauma would reverse her cancer. She did reverse the cancer and is now a vibrant 90 year old woman and the fabulously wealthy founder of Hay House Publishing. Watch the rare interview with Louise below: louise-hay-video In this video interview, Nick Ortner, the producer of the upcoming 9th Annual Tapping World Summit, sits down with Louise to discuss how to get past the fears and negative emotions that hold us back from creating the life we want, at any age, and why she believes it’s so critical to do your “inner work” to create the life you want today. Doing the inner work can sometimes take courage, to connect with the fears that hold us back in order to release them, but as Louise will share, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you’d think. She’ll also explain why she believes the tapping technique is so important and how to combine affirmations, along with Tapping, to maximize your results. You'll even get to tap-along with Louise as she releases the fear from the very personal traumatic event that happened when she was 5 years old. Check out the video below: https://rd117.isrefer.com/go/TWS-ELH-VS2/Nikigr/ To your inner peace, Niki P.S. This video is being released as part of the lead up to the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit, which starts on Monday, February 27th.    
The Keto Diet Bundle
If you've been following me on my email list for a...
Keto Bundle Banner C - 1200x1200If you've been following me on my email list for a while, you'll know that I try to share valuable articles, free events and products which cover both the mind AND body approaches for optimum health and energy. Last year a large number of you all signed up for the Keto summit which covered detailed support and information on the benefits and implementation of the ketogenic diet - a very low-carb diet which is designed to trigger fat burning (ketosis). (more…)
Free Video Series on Using the Emotional Freedom Technique to Rewire Your Brain
I have a video to share with you today that will d...
I have a video to share with you today that will demonstrate how the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be used to rewire your brain to stop negative thinking and the kind of chronic stress that leads to fatigue. If you've followed my newsletters and talks for a while, you'll know there are various techniques and tools out there which can help to resolve emotional trauma and related negative thought patterns. This video and the series that will follow it are an opportunity to see if EFT is something that can work for you. Take a look at this video by clicking below (it's free): (more…)
Neurofeedback – The Number One Treatment for Emotional Trauma?
Some major experts in the field of trauma resoluti...
NeuronesSome major experts in the field of trauma resolution are singling out neurofeedback as THE most effective treatment for trauma, so let's take a look into what they are saying and how you can get access to this therapy. (more…)
Heal, Empower & Follow Your Heart
How does heartbreak, grief, anger and resentment a...
Copy-of-TITLE-of-TALK-30How does heartbreak, grief, anger and resentment affect our health? I highly recommend the upcoming free Heart Revolution summit which will be taking a deep-dive into mind-body health and medicine. With all the medical advances of recent decades, why is it that heart diseases are the number one killer of women and men? (more…)
Effects of Childhood Trauma on Women’s Health
Recently I completed a free interview on Women's W...
Recently I completed a free interview on Women's Wellness Radio. Bridgit Danner, the interviewer, put all information from the interview and notes from the other speakers on Mental Health Month together in an E-Book for you. You can get a copy of this and listen to my interview in full by clicking here: http://www.bridgitdanner.com/womens-wellness-blog/122
What You Will Hear:
  1. How often emotional trauma and history plays a part in women’s illness
  2. The correlation between adverse childhood events and risk of disease onset in later life
  3. Types of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  4. Diseases in relation to ACEs
  5. Emotional trauma and fertility
  6. The identity level of childhood traumas
  7. Steps to healing emotional traumas and recharge rituals
Your Questions on Pain Answered
Have you had enough pain yet?  Or have you seen s...
joe-tatta-1Have you had enough pain yet?  Or have you seen someone you love suffering? As a society, pain – and the treatment of pain – have reached epidemic proportions.   (Not to mention the pain killer dilemma of addiction.) (more…)
Body Mind And Spirit Health: The Winter Wellness Summit
For those of us with an interest in health from a ...

unnamed-5-1For those of us with an interest in health from a body, mind and spirit perspective, this years free Winter of Wellness summit may be for you.

So, what are you fired up about for the new year?

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Find effective ways to relieve stress?

Are you trying to figure out what to eat (or not to eat?) for YOUR body, biology and digestive system?

Or maybe suffer from chronic pain or fatigue and you’re seeking alternatives to traditional western medicine… such as the exciting field of herbal pharmacology.


How to Break The Cycle of Autoimmune Pain
Join me on the Autoimmune Revolution Summit where ...
air17_banner_day-6Join me on the Autoimmune Revolution Summit where I am speaking on the role of emotional trauma in creating pain and inflammation. This first summit of 2017 is focused specifically on pain created by autoimmune processes. The primary way doctors treat these diseases is to prescribe immune suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, this approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome and has created an even greater health crisis--what Dr. Peter Osborne calls “The Prescription Pain Trap”--which you will learn more about during this important event. (more…)
The Enneagram of the Virtues Free Talk with Russ Hudson
Are you a student of the Enneagram, curious about ...
picAre you a student of the Enneagram, curious about the more advanced teachings? As many of you know the Enneagram is a superb personality typing system I recommend for self-exploration and as a tool for overcoming the impact of early life emotional trauma. Russ Hudson is the world-leading ""depth" teacher and expert on the system and author of the book I recommend in all my resource sections: The Wisdom of the Enneagram. If you are new to the system and want to know more, you can hear Russ speak about the nine Enneagram personality types and explore what they are here: What Enneagram Personality Type Are You? (more…)
Book Recomendation: Heal Your Pain Now
The thing almost all pain solutions overlook, is t...
heal-pain-nowThe thing almost all pain solutions overlook, is the brain-pain connection and how your brain can make pain last for…ever. This is why I strongly recommend my good friend, Dr. Joe Tatta’s cutting-edge book, “Heal Your Pain Now: The Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life.”  ---> Learn more here This book brings readers through a powerful healing journey – and if you, or someone you love, struggle with pain, this book is your IMMEDIATE, must-have best friend. (more…)
Interview on UK Health Radio with Niki Gratrix
Recently, I completed an interview with Katherine ...
imageRecently, I completed an interview with Katherine Tate, The Food Teacher from UK Health Radio on the topic of fatigue. I share my top tips for restoring energy, below is the summary of the interview and the link to listen to the interview on demand. (more…)
(FREE access) Autoimmune disease documentary-series
Why is Autoimmune disease so hard to cure – or e...
tomobryan_cas-headshot-hi-resWhy is Autoimmune disease so hard to cure – or even diagnose? The truth is this:  We cannot change what we do not understand. The world’s leading minds say that autoimmunity is the core cause for almost ALL disease, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease and CANCER.  Even for depression and suicide. On the 14th of November, my good friend, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, invites you to begin a deeply personal journey with his powerful FREE 7-Part documentary series Betrayal:the autoimmune disease solution they’re not telling you.” This documentary is crucial for you if you know someone with autoimmune disease, have it yourself or simply want to be proactive and prevent it. Do you have someone in your life that is suffering with chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, thyroid disease such as hashimoto’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s? Or are you yourself facing a life-debilitating disease? This project leaves Dr. Tom’s hands after 30 years of clinical research, patient care and relationships and it goes out to the world at large to change the face of autoimmunity.    This is my invitation to you to watch the Betrayal series fro FREE as my guest, and to give me your feedback. Register here for access to the series, as my guest. pic

Register Today and Prepare for What you will Learn:

Here’s each of the breath-taking episodes you’ll have the opportunity to watch each evening: Nov 14th: Episode 1- The Autoimmune Epidemic: Root Causes and Solutions Nov 15th: Episode 2- Intestinal Permeability: The Gateway to Autoimmunity Nov 16th: Episode 3- The Microbiome: Where Health and Disease Begin and End Nov 17th: Episode 4- Autoimmune Diseases of the Gut: The Role of Food and Digestion Nov 18th: Episode 5- Environmental Toxins: The Hidden Drivers of Disease Nov 19th: Episode 6- Autoimmune Diseases of the Brain: A New Approach to Neurology Nov 20th: Episode 7- Case Studies: Bringing it All Together “Doing these interviews has been a privilege and one of the most inspirational experiences of my life.  I literally traveled the globe (twice) gathering interviews from the leading minds on autoimmunity.” ~ Dr. Tom O’Bryan Autoimmune disease robs our youth, steals our years and ruins lives... But it CAN be reversed and put into remission... this is the information desperately needed.   The Betrayal series is yours as our gift to you. There’s no cost, other than your time – and that is an investment you will gain back a hundred fold in health.  AND PLEASE SHARE this email with those you love who are affected. Just register for access to the series, as my guest.   Even ONE piece of information from just one of the experts on Betrayal could be the tipping point for you.  One insight from Dr. David Perlmutter or Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr Mark Hyman or JJ Virgin or one of our doctors and scientists from around the GLOBE that Dr. Tom interviewed – from England, Portugal, Italy or Germany, the list goes on… The seven episodes of Betrayal are made up of over EIGHTY FIVE interviews.   There are scores of stories of breakthroughs. These are people that have stopped or even reversed their disease! And I want yours to be one of those. Register here for access to the series, as my guest. With great devotion, Niki _____________________________ PS:  You can’t change what you do not understand – but once that curtain is drawn back?  Once you KNOW?  Watch this docuseries and help us begin a revolution in health, one person at a time.  Register here for access to the series, as my guest.  
(FREE Video Training) Amygdala Retraining With Ashok Gupta
For those of you with chronic fatigue syndrome, ad...
ashok-gupta-2For those of you with chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue and related illnesses who attended my summit last year, you may remember Ashok Gupta who was voted second favorite speaker on the entire summit. Ashok is a brain-retraining expert and is about to embark on a live US tour of his amygdala retraining program for overcoming chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and related illnesses. If you cannot attend these live workshops but want to learn more about his work or experience the course at home, see more details below. (more…)
The Adrenal Energy Reset Summit
It's a big one! The Adrenal Reset Summit on the 7t...
600x600_6_jpegIt's a big one! The Adrenal Reset Summit on the 7th-12th November. My interview with co-host Evan Brand is one of my favorite interviews of this year! I am speaking on day 6 and we went into depth about the role of psychology and emotional trauma in adrenal health. We have an epidemic of "adrenal fatigue" today and the second co-host of this summit Dr Alan Christianson is the New York Times best-selling author of the Adrenal Reset Diet: Strategically Cycle Carbs and Proteins to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones and Move from Stressed to Thriving. This is a truly worthwhile book and Dr Christianson is seen as a genius by many of his peers. This summit is NOT to be missed if you're interested in supercharging your energy! (more…)
Reminder – The Thyroid Connection Summit Starts This Monday!
The Thyroid Connection Summit starts on Monday Oct...
thy16_banner_attend_600x600_primaryThe Thyroid Connection Summit starts on Monday October 24th, and tens of thousands will get much-needed, expert assistance to help diagnose and overcome thyroid dysfunction to reclaim their health and vitality!   Will you be there? (more…)
Free Webinar Training For Practitioners
This week is the first super powerful LIVE Q&A...
This week is the first super powerful LIVE Q&A with Evolution of Medicine Co-Founders, James Maskell and Gabe Hoffman.  This is how to implement proven industry best practice to save time and money in your practice almost immediately.

Please sign up here and send them your questions on how to build a successful functional medicine practice.

On this LIVE event, the Co-Founders of Evolution of Medicine will share the most up-to-date, cutting edge strategies that are working right now to build thousands of successful community practices.  
  • How to quickly grow and scale your functional medicine micropractice.
  • Get the how to on hosting a variety low-cost events that position you as a community leader, provide more value to your patients, and double as marketing. 
  • Learn to build your referral network in a way that provides an upsurge of new patient leads into your practice.
  • How to use autoresponders and systems to attract new patients, educate your current patients, reactivate inactive patients, and improve compliance.
This webinar will bring  you the most powerful look at the BEST practices and most effective success tools for functional low-overhead, high impact, medicine micropractices.

Send in your questions and learn what works, what doesn’t, and the short cuts and tools to fast success.

To your highest success, Niki ____________________________________ PS: Definitely make the time to be at this webinar to get your personal questions answered. It will be a LIVE Q&A with both James Maskell and Gabe Hoffman, Co-Founders of The Evolution of Medicine, and they will be covering how to build a super successful practice and answering your questions in real time. * It’s time to rewrite your practice and your lifestyle.  This is your fast track inside info to create more time, revenue and a line of patients out the door. webinars

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