April 2016 archive

Exclusive New FREE Abundant Energy TV Interview: The Role of Emotional Trauma in Cancer, Razi Berry Interviews Niki Gratrix

Having adverse childhood events (ACEs) can lead to unresolved emotional trauma and increased risk of both chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer in later life. There is also a possible link between chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer, with researchers studying the immunological similarities between the diseases, which may therefore have common causes, including ACEs among other […]

How Relationships and Toxic Stress Affect Your Health

I’ve written about energy vampires before – a provocative term I use purposefully to highlight an enormously under-exposed environmental impact on our health: relationships with other people. In clinical practice, I found that the most common block to recovery from fatigue wasn’t people’s ability to upgrade their diet, begin meditation, complete home chemical and electromagnetic […]

Transform Your Mind Summit

I just wanted to let you know about an online event that’s coming up. I’m speaking at it on overcoming childhood emotional trauma for a healthy mind and peak performance. And over 27 other innovative leaders from the thought, mind, body and behaviour movement, too. Big names like Marc David, Melissa Ambrosini, Marcie Peters, Ross […]