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 “I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped Elizabeth over the past year. The improvement in her is staggering and I feel she is truly well now. She is thinking of taking a gap year next year and trips to goodness knows where. This would have been impossible last year. So thank you so much for giving her her life back and for giving my daughter back to me. It’s been a tough few years but she is proof that with the right help, recovery is possible.” Jackie C

Would you like to have:

  • MORE energy!
  • Better sleep
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Feel and look younger
  • Less aches and pains
  • Resilience to stress
  • Improved physical function

Then you’re in the right place!

Working with Niki One to One

Working one on one with Niki is a special opportunity to work with a world-leading expert on energy related health issues in the most in depth, customized format Niki currently offers.

Be prepared to take a deep dive into exploring the true root cause of your energy and health issues covering psychological, energetic and biochemical aspects.

Niki draws on 12 years experience with 1000s of clients as an award-winning registered nutritionist, certified bioenergetic and mind-body expert. (See her full bio).

Due to Niki’s rare comprehensive training and research across multiple types of healing modalities, she has a unique ability to elicit the deep connection between underlying psycho-energetic imbalances, trauma and identity issues that may be interrelated to biochemical and metabolic disturbances in the physical body.

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How Consultations Work

Initial consultations are one hour, follow ups are 30 minutes long no sooner than every 3 week depending on the needs of the client.

Ideally we recommend committing to a 3 month program to get the most out of sessions. As consultations are approximately every 3 weeks, this will entail 4 sessions.

Before the initial consultation, clients are sent comprehensive physical and psychological questionnaires and are required to complete a body field scan at home.

The body field scan is a comprehensive assessment of the energetic health of organs, meridiens, terrains and the emotional and mental bodies.

The scan reveals disturbances in the body field that can arise from emotional trauma, stress, physical and energetic toxins, infections and nutritional deficiencies. A personalized recommendation plan is the created.

To understand more about body field scanning click here.

Types of Recommendations

Recommendations include customized daily rituals of self-care that cover psychological, energetic and physical aspects. These may include journaling, specific meditations, dietary plans, essential oils,  infoceuticals (read more about these here), natural supplements, how to complete home chemical, energetic and relationship “clean ups” and more.

Other Testing

Where appropriate, other physical tests can be ordered including blood testing for food and chemical sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, hair mineral analysis, stool analysis, mitochondrial function testing, microbial infections, hormone panels, genetics (single nucleotide polymorphisms), pyroluria, neurotransmitters and more.

Consultation Format

All consultations are currently offered over Skype and telephone. International clients in Europe, Asia, North & South America, Australia and New Zealand are welcome.

How Many Consultations do I need?

We generally recommend consultations for a minimum of 3 months to experience the most benefit. As consultations are approximately every 3 weeks, this will be a total of 4 sessions.


Costs are $300 for the initial consultation and $150 for the follow up 30 minute consultations.

The bioenergetic scanner that clients keep at home, enables you to do scans for all bioenergetic consultations and costs $150 as a one off.

Costs of infoceuticals and other natural products used are flexible and depends on the client’s financial situation and customized health plan.

Get started

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have many ACEs, can you help resolve emotional trauma?

Yes, my approach to helping people with trauma is a very comprehensive mind-body approach. A lot of anxiety, stress and other mood disorders can be addressed in part by balancing gut bacteria, naturally addressing neurotransmitters and assessing for nutritional deficiencies. Lifestyle interventions and energy medicine can also directly balance and heal chronic emotional states such as getting enough sunlight and sleep, ingesting infoceuticals and using essential oils. This type of work is done in additional to verbal coaching, affirmations, statements of intention and tools to increase emotional awareness and guidance on dealing with “emotional detox reactions.”

I wanted to share some exciting news, we are moving to Dubai/UAE…the reason I wanted to share is because I could never have even considered doing this without your input, into my health and as inspiration to train myself, you have been a huge influence on quality of life… and the opportunity to have real adventures again. When we first consulted I could never have imagined being well enough to relocate like this.Thank you.” Victoria F, UK Nutritional Therapist

Niki G“Working one on one with clients is something I still enjoy immensely, and miss when I don’t do them. We undertake bioenergetic and physical testing to design a targeting, personalized program of natural supplements, infoceuticals, diet and other physical support. It’s an intimate experience where I have the privilege of creating a safe space for my client to focus on really exploring themselves, their relationships, their bodies and lifestyle patterns. As patients build self awareness and naturally become more self loving in the process, energy is freed up for physical healing and clients are able to implement new healthy lifestyle and relationship strategies. ”


Note Niki Gratrix is not a licensed medical practitioner and does not treat, cure or diagnose any disease. As bioenergetic and nutritional practitioner she is working purely to help correct and optimize the energy fields of the body. Bioenergetic medicine is not allopathic medicine. If you have health concerns, you should always contact your licensed medical doctor first before seeking natural alternatives.

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