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The Superb Global Stress Summit is Back for 2018!
Unresolved stress or trauma is often underlying mo...
Unresolved stress or trauma is often underlying most chronic health conditions including chronic fatigue, autoimmunity, burnout, anxiety, depression, many digestive related disorders and pain just to name a few. In this superb upcoming summit, my friend Dr Heidi Hanna the Executive Director the American Institute of Stress is interviewing some of THE world-leading experts in stress and trauma to provide you with  some very simple tools and techniques to overcome stress - completely for free! Reserve your free spot here! (more…)
The Fasting Summit
Did you know intermittent fasting can stimulate th...
Did you know intermittent fasting can stimulate the vagus nerve which is the "rest digest and de-stress" healing state, increase longevity, cleanse and detox your body, AND stimulate stem cells which can heal and repair your immune system? Fasting been around since the beginning of time. It has been used over centuries for many different reasons. There's no doubt it can be a powerful healing therapy. If you are new to fasting, or have been trying it out for some time, the upcoming Fasting Summit is going to show you everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and so much more. These will be some of the most exciting and controversial health talks you have ever listened to. And since I'm friends with the hosts, I got you a free ticket. Reserve your free seat here. Many of the expert guests in this free online event have helped people to reverse disease, fight fatigue, lose weight and ultimately become empowered to live their truth with the powers of fasting. You will see over 35 of the world's best fasting researchers, nutrition coaches, health experts, holistic doctors and thought leaders share their experience with fasting, and the protocols to support the fasting process. Big names like Joe Cross, Dr. John Demartini, Prof. Valter Longo, Dr. Will Cole, Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Michael VanDerschelden, Ori Hofmekler, Dr. Jay Davidson, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Dr. Daniel Pompa, Dr. David Jockers  and lots more. The event is called the Fasting Summit (3), and it is available to view for free from 23 April - ONLY. And the event's broken down into 6 days, with 3 main interwoven tracks so you can mix and match your topics for maximum impact. Here's the full lineup:
  • Day 1: Fasting Fundamentals
  • - Prof. Valter Longo: Fasting Mimicking Diet
  • - Tony Boutagy: Fasting and Exercise
  • - Dr Demartini: Fasting with Purpose
  • - Emily Manoogian PhD: TRE & Circadian Rhythm
  • - Neil Martin: Fasting, Juicing, and Mindset
  • - Dr Jay Davidson: Healing Chronic Disease with Fasting
Day 2: Intermittent Fasting Part 1
  • - Dr Jason Fung: Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss
  • - Dr Will Cole: Intermittent Fasting and Hormone Connection
  • - Dr Daniel Pompa: Intermittent Fasting Effects
  • - Dr Daniel Kalish: Intermittent Fasting as a Spiritual Practice
  • - Dr Peter Osborne: Intermittent Fasting for Leaky Gut and Autoimmune
  • - Dr Joel Kahn: Fasting for Heart Disease + the Ideal Diet
Day 3: Intermittent Fasting Part 2
  • - Dr Michael Vanderschelden: The Science of Intermittent Fasting
  • - Dr David Jockers: Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet
  • - Dr Justin Marchegiani: Intermittent Fasting Pros and Cons
  • - Dy Ann Parham: Intermittent Fasting for Women
  • - Lee Holmes: Fasting Your Way To Wellness with 5:2
  • - Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet
Day 4: Extended Fasting Part 1
  • - Olivia Budgen: Juicing For Health
  • - Dr Gabriel Cousens: Juice Fasting for Detoxification
  • - Cherie Calbom: Juice Fasting for Physical Healing
  • - Joe Cross: Extended Juice Fasting
  • - Tegan Steele: The Impact of Fasting
  • - Jonny The Juicer: Juice Fasting for Immunity
Day 5: Extended Fasting Part 2
  • - Dan "The Life Regenerator" MacDonald: Purifying Mind and Body for Spiritual Evolution
  • - Dr Thomas Lodi: Fasting and The Human Mind
  • - Don Tolman: Ancient Fasting Wisdom
  • - Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Healing Breast Cancer
  • - Dr Robert Cassar: Water Fasting and Parasites
  • - Andrea Paige: Fasting for Self Mastery
Day 6: Fasting Fundamentals
  • - Steven Prussack: Juice Up Your Career
  • - Chef Justin North: The Fasting Chef
  • - Rob Stuart: Fasting for Healthy Skin
  • - Dr Michael Ruscio: Intermittent Fasting and Gut Health
  • - Megan Ramos: Healing Chronic Disease
  • - Aliky Kouroupis: Fasting, Consciousness and Gut Health
  • - Tyler Tolman: Fast, Faster, Fastest Way To Heal
I can't wait to hear these incredible speakers! Get your free ticket now if you want to learn the real secret to health (with no agendas): I'll see you there, take care for now! Niki P.S. I'm really excited to attend this online event, and I want you to be there too. Pick up your free ticket...it takes 10 seconds.
What we’re doing about diabetes must change
As a passionate health advocate, I'm supporting my...
As a passionate health advocate, I'm supporting my good friend Dr Brian Mowll with this high quality summit on diabetes because the situation is one of the most dire issues in health today. Despite BILLIONS of dollars spent on pharmaceutical research, diabetes rates continue to rise. Plus, there are MORE THAN 70 diabetes drugs being prescribed in the U.S. alone -- NONE that address the root causes or stops the progression of the disease. What we’re doing now must change, because it isn’t working. With the right education and action, it’s ABSOLUTELY possible to change and save the lives of those on a path toward diabetes - share this with anyone you know who could benefit from this information. Register for The Diabetes Summit 2018: http://healthaffiliate.center/7199-30-5-71.html (more…)
How stress impacts the microbiome and how to heal it
Join me for the unique Autoimmune Vitality summit ...
Join me for the unique Autoimmune Vitality summit where I will be giving a free 20 minute presentation on the science behind how stress impacts the microbiome, followed by an hour of Q and A on how to heal it and reverse fatigue and autoimmune disorders. Reserve your FREE spot here. (more…)
Discover the Living Enneagram
As you may know, I am a fan of the Enneagram syste...

As you may know, I am a fan of the Enneagram system as a tool for personal growth, increasing self awareness and promoting health and energy levels.

The Enneagram is far more than a personality typing system…

It’s a mystical path for discovering and embodying YOUR true essence… in the work you do in the world and in expressing your unique gifts… and in your daily interchanges with your loved ones and communities.

Superb docuseries not to be missed: The Human Longevity Project
So I'm extremely excited to share with you this la...
So I'm extremely excited to share with you this latest docu-series - which I am appearing in! An entire episode is dedicated to adversity in childhood and the impact on health across a lifetime. The project director, Jason Prall is a good friend of mine. We spoke recently at a practitioner conference in Atlanta together, and Jason is one of the few teachers and health experts who understands that emotional trauma and adverse childhood events have a massive impact on health. The docu-series includes amazing information about the REAL sources of health and longevity including social and emotional support, circadian rhythm management, the importance of the gut health and mitochondrial function and ancient practices that have been around for centuries, but our modern lifestyles have forgotten. He's been around the world interviewing experts, centenarians and scientists on the quest for: what makes humans live a long, happy and healthy life? Superb experts like Dr Datis Kharrazian, research fellow at Harvard Medical School and others from the functional medicine community are speaking in this project - definitely NOT to be missed! Watch and learn how to apply ancient wisdom to your modern life so you can have a life free from the symptoms that hold so many people back from having the energy and happiness they deserve. If you’re like me, the thought of this should make you pretty excited. So I am inviting you to witness Jason's remarkable journey in a first-of-its-kind, 9-part documentary--for free. Watch The Trailer Here You’ll visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, speak to the vibrant and spirited people who live there, and be moved and inspired by their stories. Then you’ll sit in on Jason’s private meetings with the world’s leading experts, authors, doctors and healers. You’ll be there as they discuss the fundamental principles that afford these people such wonderful, healthy lives. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how you can implement their knowledge into your own life to get incredible results. Please take a moment to Reserve Your Seat Here (please share this with people you care about). I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am. Take care for now! Niki P.S. Here's a breakdown of the 9 episodes (each one begins at 5:00PM Eastern Time and stays live for FREE for 24 hours): 
  1. The Truth About Aging: Can It Be Slowed or Even Reversed?
  2. The Gut and Immune System's Role in Disease and Early Aging.
  3. The Surprising Way Healthy Populations Think About Diet and Exercise.
  4. Can We Be Healthy In A Sick World? Is Our Environment Too Far Gone?
  5. Light! Where The Western World Went Wrong and How To Fix it.
  6. Learn How To Reverse This Alarming Trend In Our Children.
  7. Power Of Purpose: What All Healthy Societies Know That We Don't.
  8. The Real Reason These Healthy Populations Don't Get Chronic Disease or Cancer
  9. Bonus: Taking Ancient Wisdom And Applying It To Our Modern Lives
Register Here For Free
Last Chance to Access 25 Free Presentations…
You've probably heard about the 10th Annual, 2018 ...
You've probably heard about the 10th Annual, 2018 Tapping World Summit from a dozen places by now. This is by far the biggest summit of the year and the reason is - this isn't just an informational event, it's an experience. Attendees don't just leave with ideas or theories on how to make their life better, they leave actually feeling better. They leave with less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions. They leave having cleared limiting beliefs around money, health, relationships and more. They leave having cleared childhood traumas. There are already over 200,000 people registered for the event which starts on February 26th. If you have checked it out and signed up yet, you can do that here: https://rd117.isrefer.com/go/2018-TWS-EReg/Nikigr/ (more…)
Simple Qigong Practices to De-stress and Reboot Your Immune System
If you’d like to explore an effective approach f...

If you’d like to explore an effective approach for eliminating daily (or accumulated) stress, rejuvenating your immune system, and improving your overall health, I’m excited to invite you to a free video event on Saturday, February 24, with Qigong master, teacher, and healer Mingtong Gu: 5 Qigong Steps for Rejuvenating Your Immune System: How to Release Stress, Clear Blocks & Shift Disease to Enjoy Radiant Health.

You can reserve your complimentary space here.

Dr Mark Hyman on Resetting the Nervous System
I couldn't agree more with Dr. Mark Hyman, one of ...
I couldn't agree more with Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the world's leading Functional Medicine Doctors and 10 times New York Times Best-Selling Author, when he states:  "There are three things that are critical for healing: it's what you eat, moving your body, and learning how to reset your nervous system." And what does he recommend for resetting your nervous system...? Tapping! "Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel those layers away of chronic stress. It's very effective for very difficult problems." If you want to learn about how you can overcome illness, create long-term, lasting health, or just get over regular stress and feel better, then I highly recommend you watch this video: In this interview, Dr. Hyman shares some pretty amazing information... things that you won't want to miss, such as... - The monkey study that revealed the importance of one particular thing that many take for granted. - One of the leading causes of chronic illness that people don't know about, and that goes all the way back to childhood. - Why many of the patients who come to him are in fact doctors who are looking for solutions that work - And much more... Watch the video here. It could provide a radical shift in your understanding of how to create real long-term health. Enjoy and take care for now, Niki P.S. - The video is being released in the lead up to the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit, an online event that has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 9 years (Wow!). This event is 100% content and well worth attending. I highly recommend showing up for it since it's free to attend and learning how to use Tapping can dramatically improve your life. See the video here.
Don’t let your dentist destroy your health!
Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in...
Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine! 80% of disease symptoms are caused by problems in the mouth. And, millions are exposed to disease-promoting dental procedures every day! Don't let your dentist do this to you! (more…)
How to control your age and health with your beliefs
How often have you said, "Now that I'm I'm too ol...
How often have you said, "Now that I'm I'm too old to ?" We've all been there. Whether you're 25 or 90 years old, the clock always seems to be ticking. You can't do the things you'd love to do, or if you can, you're worried about the day you won't be able to do them anymore... But this doesn't have to be so! I have a truly eye-opening video to share with you today that's going blow away your beliefs about what causes our aging. It will reveal secrets to you that will have you turning back the clock with just your thoughts! New science is proving just how powerful our mind is in preventing (or causing) illness, developing our brains and learning new skills, and with slowing down (or speeding up!) our aging! The video, with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Christiane Northrup, is a must watch:   Some of what Dr. Northrup talks about in this video includes: - Why you should never share your age (she has a very good reason for this and it's not what you think). - The difference between your chronological vs biological age (the good news is you can turn back your biological age!) - How to be an "outlier" that lives a longer and healthier life. - The three commonalities that all centenarians have in common that let them live past 100 with life and vibrancy. - The "nun study" about dementia that is showing that the symptoms for dementia (and many other illnesses) aren't as accurate as we think (and how big a role our belief systems actually play in this) - Why you need to guard your mind vigilantly when receiving a "diagnosis" because of the effect it alone has on your health. - Any much more! If you want to slow down the hands of time, watch this video here. Take care for now, Niki P.S. - The video is being released in the lead up to the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit, an online event that has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 9 years (Wow!). This event is 100% content and well worth attending. I highly recommend showing up for it since it's free to attend and learning how to use Tapping can dramatically improve your life. Watch the video now.
How your mind can heal your body
So hopefully, now that you've heard me speaking ab...
So hopefully, now that you've heard me speaking about ACEs (adverse childhood events) you know there is no question about how powerfully psycho-emotional aspects impact our health. I want to share a video with you today that will reveal even more startling research on just how powerful the mind is over the body, as well as introduce a EFT (the emotional freedom technique) as a grounded, everyday technique that you can use to actually help your mind to keep your body healthy. It's a video of Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D., where she sits down with Nick Ortner, the producer of the upcoming 10th annual Tapping World Summit, to discuss her findings and the implications they have for all of us, both the "seemingly" healthy and those with health challenges. Here are just a few snippets of what you can expect: - You'll hear about what she learned from studying over 3,500 cases of "spontaneous remission" and what the research both tells us and isn't telling us about why people get sick or healthy. - You'll discover the 9 common characteristics that people with "spontaneous remission" have and why they're critical to know for both people who are healthy or sick. - You'll learn about the only 2 modes that our nervous system can be in, and how in one of them, our body's self-repair mechanism literally shuts down! And the scary part is... most people tend to get stuck in this shutdown mode (she'll explain why and how you can get out of it). - You'll hear about why some of her supposedly "healthiest" clients (exercising, eating well, meditating, etc) were getting sick and the big "aha" moment she had about what was causing it all. - Near the end, Dr. Rankin will blow your mind by redefining what "placebo" actually is and how most scientific studies are not digging deep enough into what is going on with the mind and body. Watch this video here! I know you'll love it. 🙂 Take care for now, Niki P.S. - The video is being released in the lead up to the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit, an online event that has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 9 years. In the interview, Dr. Lissa Rankin, a traditionally trained medical doctor who specializes in understanding the mind-body connection, sits down with Nick Ortner, the producer of the event. They have some very interesting dialogue where Dr. Rankin shares her latest research as well as solutions and shares her perspective on what is happening in the mind and body when people are doing EFT Tapping. You're going to really enjoy this! Watch it here.  
Announcing the Mindfulness & Meditation Summit
Whether you're new to mindfulness practice or have...
Whether you're new to mindfulness practice or have been meditating for years, this gathering of over 30 leading teachers and visionaries will be sure to help you transform yourself, your community, and the world. Join us to learn with over 30 renowned meditation teachers, visionary leaders, neuroscientists, researchers, writers, performers, activists, and educators. Presenters include: Alice Walker, Richie Davidson, Sharon Salzberg, Daniel Goleman, Jack Kornfield, Jewel, Shefali Tsabary, Daniel Siegel, Kelly McGonigal, Alanis Morissette, and more than 20 other guests, including special sessions with Pema Chödrön, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Eckhart Tolle. I look forward to joining the Mindfulness and Meditation Summit with you beginning January 22, 2018. Registration is FREE and you can sign up now! Take care for now, Niki P.S. Can't attend all of the session dates? If you'd like to own all of the video presentations—over 30—plus all of the daily guided meditations, full transcripts, and many valuable bonus gifts, learn more about the upgrade package.
Demystifying genes and what to do
Even if you've attended other genetic trainings, y...
Even if you've attended other genetic trainings, you were probably left with a LOT of questions. This event is Dr. Ben Lynch's answer to support you and answer your genetic questions on nutrition, mental health, genetic expression, testing (like 23andMe) and so much more. (more…)
How to fix a broken brain
Is brain degeneration avoidable? That may be the m...
Is brain degeneration avoidable? That may be the most important question we ever try to answer. My good friend, Dr. Mark Hyman, has created a powerful documentary series called Broken Brain. He has gathered 58 world leading experts to share cutting-edge information that you need to know to protect your future (and hold onto your past). (more…)
3-Hour Live Meal-Plan-Along
Ever look at the Instagram feeds of your favorite ...
Ever look at the Instagram feeds of your favorite food bloggers and wonder "how on earth do they keep up with it all? They’re dealing with the same responsibilities as you: laundry piles, bedtime stories, snow shoveling, bill paying, work stress… And still they get delicious, wholesome (and even pretty) meals on the table? What gives? Well, you’re about to find out by going behind-the-scenes, and right into their kitchens! It’s called the Meal-Plan-Along, and here are all the can’t-miss details: Five VIP bloggers are joining forces with Ultimate Bundles on January 3rd from 4-7 pm Eastern USA time. You can curl up with a warm drink, and maybe a basket of clean laundry, and join us virtually through your computer or mobile device.
  • Wardee Harmon of Traditional Cooking Schoolwill be spilling her time-saving secrets using the slow cooker and pressure cooker to meal plan.
  • Does meal planning feel stressful? Get this: Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship will be talking about how meal planning can reduce your stress.
  • If the whole idea is a bit daunting, fear not… Kresha Faber from Nourishing Joywill be sharing meal planning techniques for beginners. One big reason for meal planning is to save you money! Susan Heid from The Confident Mom will be dishing out her tips for meal planning on a budget.
  • If any member of your family has allergies, don’t worry! Elise New from Frugal Farm Wifeis going to drop some knowledge bombs on how to meal plan around food allergies.
  • And to finish it out, Stephanie Langford from Ultimate Bundles will be hosting the whole event and will be chiming in with some ninja batching and freezer cooking secrets (when you’ve got five kids who want to eat every day, you find shortcuts).
Follow along to see how six different women feed their families using simple strategies to stay more organized, make meals come together more easily, spend less time cooking, and ensure healthy meals make it to the table even in the busy times. 2018 doesn’t have to be the year of food waste, sky-high grocery bills, unhealthy meals, and last-minute takeout. You can do this, and we can’t wait to show you how to make it all easier and more doable! Register for the FREE live event on January 3rd right here Take care for now! Niki
Amazing Meal Planning Bundle Offer for 2018 Is Back!
The amazing meal planner bundle is back and it's a...
The amazing meal planner bundle is back and it's a great way to kick start 2018! Get access to over 3800 recipes worth $1155 for less that $48 or less depending on the bundle you choose. It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle and here’s how it works: It’s a complete meal planning solution made up of 10 mini-bundles. Each bundle contains digital cookbooks, fresh meal ideas, and ready-made plans (and even grocery lists!). No matter how you eat, there’s a mini-bundle that’s perfect for you and there are two buying options: Option 1: Pick up just one mini-bundle for $27 that works best for your life right now – quick & healthy, budget-friendly, Instant Pot & slow cooker OR diet-specific options like vegan, real food, paleo, keto, gluten-free… there’s one that’s right for you. Option 2: For just $20 more, get the ENTIRE package with over 3,800 recipes and 100 weeks of made-for-you meal plans, so you’ve got total control no matter how your food needs change. You really can get healthier, starting today - find out more by clicking here. (more…)
40 Days of Step-by-Step Keto Diet Coaching
I realized something very important in 2017, and i...
I realized something very important in 2017, and it's so true for all my clients as well. If you want to be really healthy and have great energy again, you probably already know 80% of what is needed. The issue isn't knowledge, but actually DOING it - putting into practice what you know. Simple, but not always easy. If you are a keto diet fan, or you've been learning about it, but now want to experience the amazing physical and benefits, this 6 week step-by-step coaching course with keto experts to guide you through might be for you. (more…)
10 Day Meal Planning Bootcamp
Having great energy involves know how to plan and ...
Having great energy involves know how to plan and cook healthy meals. Do you need some extra help planning healthy meals? Feeding your family healthy meals in a doable way does NOT have to be stressful. In fact, the whole point of this challenge is to help you conquer mealtime stress and eat cleaner, with a series of super easy steps to get your year off to a strong start. My friends at Ultimate Bundles have created the Meal Planning Bootcamp, a 10 day challenge with daily meal planning tips plus an action task (a very practical one, might I add) that will take 20 minutes or less. We’ll cover everything from planning, to pantry clean outs, to the quickest-cooking veggie sides, to setting yourself up for success with batch cooking and freezer meals. And seriously – set your timer! You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 20 minutes. Implement all 10 challenges and, at the end of the bootcamp, you’ll find yourself with: a better organized kitchen, the strategies you need to tackle meal planning like a pro, and on your way to that healthier 2018 you know you’ve got in you. It runs from December 30th to January 8th, and you’ll receive each day’s tip and task in your inbox bright and early every morning, so you can work it into your day whenever it’s most convenient for you. Get FREE access to our Meal Planning Bootcamp right here: https://us154.isrefer.com/go/HMPB2018planning/a5822/ Take care for now, Niki P.S. Registration for this free 10-day Meal Planning Bootcamp is only open for a few days! Make sure to sign up right away, because it starts on December 30th, so you can greet the New Year armed (with kitchen knives, that is) and ready to go. 🙂 https://us154.isrefer.com/go/HMPB2018planning/a5822/
Optimize your WHOLE being in 2018
Join me on the Winter of Wellness Summit, where my...
Join me on the Winter of Wellness Summit, where my friend and host Dr Robyn Benson and I discuss the role of stress and emotional trauma on health. Robyn and I had a great chat and the time just seemed to fly by! There are some AMAZING speakers on this summit, including my favorites Gregg Braden, Dave Asprey and Donna Eden.  Kick off 2018 with the inspiration you need for a truly mind AND body approach to optimum health so, check out more about the summit below or sign up FREE here. (more…)
How to overcome environmental toxins!
I'm honored to be a speaker on the upcoming Heavy ...
I'm honored to be a speaker on the upcoming Heavy Metals summit with some of my favorite speakers including Dr Dietrich Klinghardt. This should be a highly informative and useful summit on effectively detoxing from heavy metals, hosted by my very good friend, Wendy Myers. Starts on the 29th January 2018. Register your FREE spot here!
The tips that are helping me simplify this holiday season
You might be feeling a little apprehensive or stre...
You might be feeling a little apprehensive or stressed (or both) about this coming holiday season. Even though it’s supposed to be a joyful time, I can’t deny that there are an awful lot of events and parties and special meals crammed into the month of December. (more…)
20 free expert health talks–my gift to you!
It’s a FREE holiday gift...and you can open it N...
It’s a FREE holiday gift...and you can open it NOW! My friends at HealthMeans have gift-wrapped 20 of their “best-of-the-best” expert health talks to help you detox, reset and transform your mind and body. --->>Get access to these amazing health talks now! We know it can be a struggle to find the time to learn from so many great health resources out there, especially around the holidays. Fortunately, these 20 talks are yours INDEFINITELY. Meaning, you’ll have access to learn from them at your own pace! The goal: make 2018 your healthiest year yet! Learn incredible wisdom and insights from such well-known experts as: + Katie Wellness Mama + Dr. Josh Axe + Sayer Ji + Dr. Deanna Minich + Pedram Shojai + Dr. Andrea Nakayama + And so many more! You’ll gain immediate access to all 20 expert talks, and retain access to them indefinitely so you can learn and make changes to your life at your own pace. There’s no catch. No purchase required. No commitment necessary. These well-known health experts cover such important topics as: + Getting a silent night of sleep + Top supplements for your wish list + Serving “real food” to your family + Detoxing (especially for your holiday liver!) + Post-party weight loss + Finding more energy (and more peace) + Talking about depression + Planning your (2018) potential + Understanding why YOU matter! Even if you don’t have time to learn today, LOCK IN your access to these talks NOW, and listen when you have time! Happy holidays! Enjoy the holiday season, Niki P.S. This gift will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your access to these talks today!
Announcing the SIBO Summit
SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a ...

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a hot topic at the moment, and many people with fatigue and pain issues appear to have it.

The most common SIBO symptoms are IBS and bloating, and there are many other complications such as leaky gut and yeast overgrowth that make it difficult to diagnose and treat SIBO. (more…)
The Important EFT Matrix Reimprinting Summit 2017 is back!
One of the best summits of the year for tools to r...
One of the best summits of the year for tools to resolve emotional trauma is the EFT Matrix Reimprinting Summit starting free on the 23rd of October this year. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a popular and effective tool, but perhaps my favorite approach for working with complex emotional trauma is the Matrix Reimprinting Technique. To access information about this summit click here! (more…)
The Disease Delusion
A few years ago I interviewed the founding father ...
A few years ago I interviewed the founding father of functional medicine, Dr Jeff Bland, for my online Abundant Energy Summit in 2015. As some of you may remember, we partly discussed his latest book at the time which had the provocative title: “The Disease Delusion.” Was Dr Bland saying in his book that diseases don’t exist and people aren’t suffering? Not at all. (more…)
The First Ever Online Summit Dedicated to Optimizing Mindset to Overcome Autoimmunity
Join me for the first ever online summit dedicated...
Join me for the first ever online summit dedicated entirely to helping people with autoimmunity optimize their mindset in order to aid healing. Due to my packed schedule in the last few months, my friend and the host of the PsychoHealthology summit Dr Eva Detko just interviewed me yesterday, and my interview will be released as a free bonus after the main event. The events starts today, sign up for free here: https://www.dr-eva.com/a/4762/vBXaS8hC And don't worry there is a free encore day where all interviews will be released again for one day! Dr Eva and I had a great discussion covering many aspects of trauma and how to heal from it.  We also covered the need for more practitioners to become aware of when one approach (e.g. nutrition and lifestyle) has exhausted its usefulness, and its time to look to completely different modalities of healing. (more…)
Time to reset your health – final free video training part 4!
Part 4 of Dr Kelly Brogan's free video training se...
Part 4 of Dr Kelly Brogan's free video training series is now available, and you are going to hear about her amazing online course. Dr. Brogan is opening the door to her Vital Mind Reset program. This is the exact same protocol that she prescribes in her Manhattan psychiatry clinic, which had a 2 year wait-list before this program launched! Only now, there’s no waiting. And no travel. And the cost savings!? Let’s just say, this program levels the playing field. Now, we all have access to this amazing path of personal transformation. For a short period, she'll be offering the course at just $397. This is the absolute lowest price anyone will see this product being sold, as after a short enrollment period, the price will be increasing to the full product price of $997 for this life-transforming experience. To learn more about the Vital Mind Reset Program - watch video 4 now.   (more…)
The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is Back for 2017!
It's time for the 2017 Ultimate Healthy Living Bun...
It's time for the 2017 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! For those of you who don't know what this is - for a crazy price of under $30, you get access to 108 health products from leading health practitioners worth $3,708.80  - which is like 99% off! It's only available for 6 days! So this year once again, the bundle contains an impressive line up including Dr Eric Zeilinski's entire Essential Oils Revolution II summit which includes my interview with him! For just $29.97 you get all this below! Check out the more details or to order - click here! (more…)
Free video training part 3: Leverage your mindset for transformation
The message is so powerful in this third free vide...

The message is so powerful in this third free video by Dr Kelly Brogan - everyone with any kind of health condition should be listening and taking notes!


Here we have an MIT and Ivy League-trained psychiatrist sharing the data from double blind placebo controlled trials which confirms: YOU are the placebo!


By learning to listen, understand and respond to the messages your body is telling you, you can create the circumstances which will confirm: Your body knows how to heal itself.

This is by far the most important video in the series covering MINDSET for healing - don't miss it.

Watch The #1 Healing Tool now. (more…)



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