May 2012 archive

Interview with Niki on Conscious TV

I slightly hesitated on putting this set of videos online here on this blogsite – but my friend and colleague Alex Howard still has these videos available on YouTube and people still find me online due to these videos! They were recorded I think at least 4-5 years ago now. First what I think is […]

Article for Get Fresh! on Candida: The Untold Story

This was an article I wrote in 2010 for Get Fresh! Magazine on the connection between psychology, heavy metals and candida. Read the article here: Candida the Untold Story Topics include The link between Emotional Trauma, Heavy metals and Fungal overgrowth -the “Klinghardt Axiom” Testing for low stomach acid Testing for Candida This article belongs […]

Get Fresh Magazine! Functional Testing for Health

This is an article I wrote for Get Fresh! magazine on Functional Testing for health: Functional Testing Article Topics include: Standard GP blood Testing Vitamin, mineral and macronutrient testing Genetic Testing This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be found here: Get Fresh Magazine! Functional Testing for HealthThe Abundant […]

Interview with Get Fresh! Magazine 2010

This is an interview I did for Get Fresh! the raw fooder’s magazine in 2010  – Interview With Get Fresh! Magazine Topics include: The Integral Approach to Health Problems with conventional medical approaches Mind-body health Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME issues and tips This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be […]

What Is Earthing?

Earthing is a truly important part of maintaining or regaining your health. I believe it is highly important for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and  all other illnesses related to sleep problems, pain and inflammation – which are most chronic illnesses we face today! Just as the sun provides us with warmth and the […]

Earthing – The Clinical Evidence

As many people who know me will attest – I’m a fan of earthing! It’s such a basic obvious thing humans should do for their overall health and well-being – and vital for people who are suffering from chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and any illnesses linked to pain, sleep and inflammation issues. But […]