July 2014 archive

Why Complete a Home Chemical Clean-Up – The Evidence

Expanding on an article I originally wrote in CAM magazine in November 2013, available evidence is now linking a role for toxins in many major illnesses in those with a genetic susceptibility including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, almost all autoimmune disorders, brain disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and cancer. However, the role of toxins has been […]

The Disease Delusion – Interview with the Founding Father of Functional Medicine – Dr Jeff Bland

In April I had the great opportunity and privilege to interview non other than Dr Jeff Bland, the founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Everyone suffering a chronic illness including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME would benefit from understanding the principles laid out in Dr Bland’s accessible new book The Disease Delusion. For practitioners, whether you […]

What’s the right diet for optimum health and energy? The Mediterranean, Paleo or Vegetarian & Vegan Diet?

Every year the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) runs its annual conference in the USA. IFM is increasingly becoming the world-leading centre for doctors and healthcare professionals of all kinds who want to work on the causes of disease, and not just treat symptoms, and incorporate, diet, lifestyle and a “systems” approach to health. This […]