August 2015 archive

Feedback from Day 5 of the Abundant Energy Summit and what’s coming for Day 6!

Feedback from yesterday! “Really enjoying the speakers on your summit -exceptionally well informed and articulate, wonderfully guided by yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this” “This just might be the best health summit I’ve listened to as yet because I find it do universally informative and helpful! And I listen to many!” […]

Some Feedback so far from Attendees of Days 1, 2 and 3 of The Abundant Energy Summit!

“The Ken Wilber material on the Energy Summit was stellar and perfectly complemented by the equal genius of Klinghardt and the biosystems Gaia supporter finishing the second day they know the true foundations of healing and suffered a lot in their hard-won wisdom, especially Wilber and Dietrich, both mito experiencers with great spriitual wisdom, still […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview About The Abundant Energy Summit with Wellness Coach Edie Summers

Yesterday I did an interview with Wellness Coach Edie Summers from about the upcoming Abundant Energy Summit and what listeners can expect to get from attending. To hear the full interview, CLICK HERE This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be found here: Blog Talk Radio Interview About […]