July 2016 archive

FREE Summit on Using Essential Oils to Revolutionize Health!

I love essential oils and I’m super-excited to announce I am speaking on the upcoming Essential Oils Revolution Summit on how to use essential oils to resolve emotional trauma. For those of you still unfamiliar with how essential oils can be used to supercharge your health, this summit is a perfect FREE training and education! […]

How’s Your Sleep? It’s Essential for Good Health!

During my time working as a clinician one-to-one with thousands of people with chronic fatigue, it was clear that recovery was highly unlikely unless the patient was sleeping well. Poor sleep is a cardinal symptom of people with fatigue (and is required to be present in the latest diagnostic criteria for CFS/ME). But poor sleep […]

Adverse Childhood Events and Brain Health

Join me to hear about how adverse childhood events (ACEs), trauma and emotional stress affect brain health on the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit running from July 25th to 1st August. Brain health is profoundly impacted by emotional stress. Research has show having just 4 ACEs leads to over a 400% increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s […]