January 2017 archive

Heal, Empower & Follow Your Heart

How does heartbreak, grief, anger and resentment affect our health? I highly recommend the upcoming free Heart Revolution summit which will be taking a deep-dive into mind-body health and medicine. With all the medical advances of recent decades, why is it that heart diseases are the number one killer of women and men? This article […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Women’s Health

Recently I completed a free interview on Women’s Wellness Radio. Bridgit Danner, the interviewer, put all information from the interview and notes from the other speakers on Mental Health Month together in an E-Book for you. You can get a copy of this and listen to my interview in full by clicking here: http://www.bridgitdanner.com/womens-wellness-blog/122 What You […]

Your Questions on Pain Answered

Have you had enough pain yet?  Or have you seen someone you love suffering? As a society, pain – and the treatment of pain – have reached epidemic proportions.   (Not to mention the pain killer dilemma of addiction.) This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be found here: […]