August 2017 archive

10 Ways to Lift Your Emotional State

Do you want “more energy?” Mastering emotions, it turns out, is a fundamental part of having abundant energy. It’s not just the enormous Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies surveying over 17,500 adults completed by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente that have shown emotional health is a critical component of PHYSICAL health and therefore energy. It’s […]

Emotions and the health of your gut

Research from the Human Microbiome Project is revolutionizing neuroscience and how we understand the mind and body for psychological and physical health. Your emotional health and stress levels profoundly impact your gut health. AND, your gut bacteria also profoundly affect your emotional state! Consider: the state of your gut bacteria impacts how you respond to […]

Are parasites stealing your energy?

Don’t miss this upcoming high quality summit on an important topic for people overcoming fatigue: The Parasite Summit. Emotional trauma is a contributing factor to parasites in that trauma suppresses immunity, which in turn allow an infection to take hold. Dr Keesha Ewers is covering the mind-body aspects of parasite infections, along side a host […]