ari-whitte-picToday, New York Times bestselling author Ari Whitten released his fourth and final training video and opened registration for his 60 Day Online Energy Blueprint System course.

I have contributed the most comprehensive training to date on resolving emotional trauma as part of his program in a 2.5 hour two-part video series.

I still get a lot of requests for one-to-one consultations, but after doing many 1000s since 2005, I reduced my case load right down and used to charge between $250-$350  per hour.

Instead of paying this rate, people can now access what I would give out in my consultations for much less AND get access world-class comprehensive training on all the diet and lifestyle interventions you need for supercharging your energy.

The course has already almost sold out and there is only 3 days left  – so don’t miss out  – listen for free to video 4 to hear about the full 8 Module training program and register your spot on the program!

This is NOT more of the same stuff you’ve heard a million times before!

This is cutting-edge science that genuinely has the ability to transform your health and energy levels.You can still access videos 1, 2 and 3 here too.

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