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Free Video Masterclass on Essential Oils

I have a special gift for you… My friend Dr. Z and his wife just finished filming a 10-Part Video Masterclass that will give you the confidence that you need to make healing remedies for your body & non-toxic natural recipes for your home with essential oils. To announce their Global Premiere of Essential Oils for Abundant Living this February […]

10 Ways to Lift Your Emotional State

Do you want “more energy?” Mastering emotions, it turns out, is a fundamental part of having abundant energy. It’s not just the enormous Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies surveying over 17,500 adults completed by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente that have shown emotional health is a critical component of PHYSICAL health and therefore energy. It’s […]

FREE Summit on Using Essential Oils to Revolutionize Health!

I love essential oils and I’m super-excited to announce I am speaking on the upcoming Essential Oils Revolution Summit on how to use essential oils to resolve emotional trauma. For those of you still unfamiliar with how essential oils can be used to supercharge your health, this summit is a perfect FREE training and education! […]

What is Your Cancer Risk? Take this Quiz!

The Mega event of the year is going to take place again on this coming April 12th: The Truth About Cancer Docu-Series. Over a MILLION people registered for this hugely important and outstanding event last year. Don’t Miss Out on This Year’s Event! Take the Cancer Quiz Here     Check Out the Trailer for […]

7 Reasons to Introduce Essential Oils into Your Clinical Practice

Why recommend essential oils if you already use nutritional therapy in your practice? Essential oils have a number of superb benefits and flexibility which will add to your therapy practice in general. Below are seven reasons to introduce them into your practice. This article is about WHY to introduce them once you decide to try out […]

The New Antibiotics Might be Essential Oils

Below is a link to a fascinating comprehensive article in US monthly magazine The Atlantic about how oregano and other essential oils are being used in the battle against antibiotic resistant “superbugs.” The article covers current studies of essential oils being added to animal livestock, used to combat MRSA, Salmonella and other superbugs in humans. […]

Why I LOVE Essential Oils: They are Nature’s Answer to Mind-Body Medicine (the science of psychoneuroimmunology).

Here are some reasons you should take Essential Oils Seriously  – if you’re serious about optimum energy that is… This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be found here: Why I LOVE Essential Oils: They are Nature’s Answer to Mind-Body Medicine (the science of psychoneuroimmunology).The Abundant Energy Expert © […]