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3-Hour Live Meal-Plan-Along

Ever look at the Instagram feeds of your favorite food bloggers and wonder “how on earth do they keep up with it all?” They’re dealing with the same responsibilities as you: laundry piles, bedtime stories, snow shoveling, bill paying, work stress… And still they get delicious, wholesome (and even pretty) meals on the table? What […]

Amazing Meal Planning Bundle Offer for 2018 Is Back!

The amazing meal planner bundle is back and it’s a great way to kick start 2018! Get access to over 3800 recipes worth $1155 for less that $48 or less depending on the bundle you choose. It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle and here’s how it works: It’s a complete meal planning solution […]

40 Days of Step-by-Step Keto Diet Coaching

I realized something very important in 2017, and it’s so true for all my clients as well. If you want to be really healthy and have great energy again, you probably already know 80% of what is needed. The issue isn’t knowledge, but actually DOING it – putting into practice what you know. Simple, but […]

10 Day Meal Planning Bootcamp

Having great energy involves know how to plan and cook healthy meals. Do you need some extra help planning healthy meals? Feeding your family healthy meals in a doable way does NOT have to be stressful. In fact, the whole point of this challenge is to help you conquer mealtime stress and eat cleaner, with […]

The tips that are helping me simplify this holiday season

You might be feeling a little apprehensive or stressed (or both) about this coming holiday season. Even though it’s supposed to be a joyful time, I can’t deny that there are an awful lot of events and parties and special meals crammed into the month of December. This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert […]

The Gut Health Super Bundle

As part of my ongoing commitment to try to share valuable articles, free events and products which cover both the mind AND body approaches for optimum health and energy, I’m bringing your attention to the Super Gut Health Bundle – sale opens today 22nd March 8am pm Eastern USA time. This article belongs to The […]

Turbocharging Turmeric: How to Skyrocket its Bioavailability to the Body

I’ve written about the spice turmeric before, but in this article we are going to upgrade the recipe, increasing the benefits of regularly consuming this amazing spice even more. By adding some fat, black pepper and heating it up, we can turbocharge its bioavailability to the body, enhancing all those benefits we previously discussed.   […]

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