Are You Ready For…

More Energy!

What would it feel like to have double or triple your current energy levels? What would you be doing in your life?

Less Pain!

What would you being able to do if you weren’t distracted by pain any longer?

Improved Mood!

What would it be like to wake up enthusiastic, happy and optimistic about your day?

Healthier Digestion!

What would it feel like to have a happy well-functioning digestive system again?

Better Memory!

What would it be like to think clearly again, to have a great memory again?

Deeper Sleep!

How would it feel to finally wake up refreshed and energized after a great night’s sleep?

What People Are Saying

“I can honestly say, without fear of exaggeration, that these treatments have completely turned my life around. I have a quality of life and sense of purpose I’d never even dared to dream of. I feel better than I’ve ever done in my life (even before I got ill) and I’m confident that I can cope with whatever life chucks at me in the future. If you are considering but are feeling doubtful, my advice would be “go for it.” It may seem difficult to believe it at the moment, but this approach really is an opportunity to turn your life around. Please allow yourself this chance – you definitely deserve it.”

Paula H


“The help directed at supporting the adrenal system made a marked difference and also very quickly – within 2 weeks of starting. Been ill for over 16 ½ years and suffered these symptoms throughout that time: 1. Back of head, neck tender and painful to touch and to lie on pillow. This disappeared in 2 weeks and 4 months on has not reappeared – fantatstic. 2. much less tense – coiled spring feeling has eased and nearly totally gone3. when rest and relax, not overcome by head pains and whirling thoughts etc Also general energy and stamina improved noticeably since starting supplements.”

Patricia D.


What You Can Expect


Skype or Phone Consultation

Work with Niki or one of Niki’s leadership team by Skype or telephone for as many consultations as you need


Optional Functional Lab Testing

Access to optional lab tests covering mitochondrial function, comprehensive digestive analysis, toxins, metabolic imbalances, endocrine, nutrient status and much more are available based on your personal needs


Optional Body Field Analysis Testing

Working with Niki includes receiving a bioenergetic scanner at home so you can scan your body field and see your scan on a screen at home


Physical and Psychological Analysis

A consultation with Niki involves comprehensive analysis by questionnaire of your physical and psychological health


Personalized Diet and Supplement Plan

Your personalized program of diet and supplements is based on questionnaire analysis, lab test results and your bionergetic scan results


Personalized Infoceutical and Essential Oil Plan

Plan also includes a personalized program for correcting your body field using infoceuticals and essential oils


Personalized Lifestyle Recommendations

Comprehensive personalized guidance on exercise, activity management and pacing and other lifestyle recommendations


Personalized Psycho-Emotional Exercises

Guidance on exercises and interventions that can be done at home to balance emotions, resolve trauma


Access to The Abundant Energy Portal

Free access to 30 interviews with world-leading experts from the Abundant Energy Summit and over 30 interviews with Niki, and unlimited bioenergetic scanning. See

Why work with Niki

Niki’s training draws on almost 15 years experience with 1000s of clients internationally as an award-winning transformation coach, nutritional therapist and certified bioenergetic practitioner. While Director of Nutrition, Niki designed the nutrition protocol for one of the largest mind-body clinics specializing in fatigue in the UK which was later published in the British Medical Journal Open.

Due to Niki’s rare comprehensive training and research across multiple types of healing modalities, she has a unique ability to elicit the deep connection between underlying psycho-energetic imbalances, trauma and identity issues that may be interrelated to biochemical and metabolic disturbances in the physical body, and move people forward in their healing journey. See her full bio.

Let’s get started

The initial consultation is 60 minutes and costs $300 (£225) and follow ups are usually not more than monthly at $150-$225 (£112.50-£168.75) for 30-45 minutes. Length, frequency and therefore cost can vary depending on the client’s needs.



To work with Niki one to one, clients need to be part of Niki’s 6 month program in her online portal. This works out far cheaper for clients than working one to one alone. The program is available in Niki’s portal here. For fuller details on the program read this page.

For questions about the program, email Niki at 


What People Are Saying

“I am now able to tolerate a wider variety of food which after 34 years is a welcome relief. Whilst still taking care my energy levels are gradually improving. I have seen so many so called specialists in the case of my illness but the testing was new to me and has offered new solutions which have greatly improved my health”

Anne N

“My IBS symptoms have almost gone. I had been suffering this problem for at least 20 years. Having someone who new about this illness and understands how it really feels was a great help. I would recommend anyone to see Niki”

Linda W

“Thank you so much for all the telephone calls and everything you have done to help me to increase my physical health. It has been really great to be able to contact you and talk to someone who understands and has apositive plan. I feel so much better… I have felt supported all the way, which has also been really important, so thank you.”

B Knox

“I had given up thinking about “being normal” ever again, however the improvement I have experienced has given me new hope. Niki is very willing to give any extra support needed at any time – this is MUCH appreciated and I am not made to feel ignorant when I fear I am asking obvious questions.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are consultations?

Initial consultations are 90 minutes, follow ups vary and can be between 30-45 minutes depending on your needs, once per month.

How many consultations do I need?

To start, 3 consultations (3 months) is as good estimate of how many consultations someone may need. However, everyone is biochemically, energetically and psychologically different, some may benefit from 6 months to obtain maximum benefits, this can be reviewed at the 3 month point.

Are consultations in person or remote?

All consultations are carried out remotely, ideally by Skype or Zoom.  Telephone is also possible.

Do you take on international clients?

Yes absolutely, because the consultation format is Skype or telephone, we can take on clients from anywhere in the world as long as the time zone is compatible (and you speak English!). Our team is based in the UK and USA.

What labs tests do you offer and how much do they cost?

Lab tests are optional and costs very much depend on your budget, how relevant testing may be and whether they will be worth the investment. Below is a list of tests that can be ordered covering blood, saliva or hair where appropriate:

  • Comprehensive stool analysis testing for digestive health including parasites
  • Comprehensive mitochondrial function testing
  • Endocrine testing including adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone panels
  • Comprehensive nutritional status, or individual vitamins and minerals
  • Testing for toxins including sensitivity to heavy metals and chemicals, urine and or hair testing
  • Comprehensive food intolerance testing
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • Metabolic testing (e.g. for pyroluria)
  • Genetic testing
  • Standard panel of basic blood tests (usually carried out by GPs)
How do you work with emotional trauma?

Emotional trauma is assessed via questionnaires, talking, optional bioenergetic scanning and even physical blood testing. Interventions include talk therapy, the emotional freedom technique, matrix reimprinting, coaching, optional energetic clearance using infoceuticals, essential oils and physical interventions covering diet, supplements and lifestyle. Chronic anxiety, depression or emotional imbalances can also arise from physical metabolic issues such as gluten sensitivity, gut dysbiosis, pyroluria and genetic polymorphisms, so trauma is addressed at all levels, holistically.

What is bioenergetic scanning?

Bioenergetic scanning is an experimental technology that provides a snap shot of the human body field in real time. It is optional and requires a one-off purchase of a scanner for $90.

The body field is an intelligent, self-organizing energetic structure that acts as a master control over biochemical processes in the body, mental and emotional states, the flow of energy in the body, co-ordination and much more.

The scan assesses the client’s body field comparing it to the optimum information. During the scan, the body field is matched to the ideal or optimum information, then imbalances or distortions in the field are highlighted in the various scan screens in the computer software.

Your results are are made available for viewing by logging into a client portal online. Read more about the human body field here.

How do I complete a bioenergetic scan at home?

If you decide to have a bioenergetic scan, you would purchase the scanner here. You are then emailed directions on how to download a small piece of software onto your computer at home. Once done, you connect the scanner to your computer, login online to your account, place your hand on the scanner and press “scan.” The scan is then emailed directly to Niki who uploads the results onto her software program.

The scan results are available for viewing by logging onto a client portal online using a username and password for access. Full instructions are sent to you when you purchase a program.

Your scanner is yours to own and can be used for all future bioenergetic scans using the software system.

How much do the supplements cost?

Supplement costs can vary and depends on your personal needs and of course, your budget. Protocols can be adjusted to suit your needs, but generally people take between eight or twelve per month. All supplements recommended are of the highest quality available in the market per our research, and the most efficacious for the purpose they are being recommended. When you sign up to the program you will have an account opened with our recommended supplement dispensaries.

What are infoceuticals?

Infoceuticals are experimental remedies that could be described as the next evolution beyond “nutraceuticals.”  They contain optimum frequency and information imprinted onto pure water to help correct and balance the human body field.. Your bioenergetic scan will identify which ones you personally need. Infcoeuticals cost $30 each and up to a maximum of six are recommended every 4 weeks. Using infoceuticals are an optional part of your wellness plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

Generally consultations can be cancelled at no charge with 48 hours prior notice, otherwise the consultation will be charged in full. Extenuating circumstances will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How is payment made for consultations?

After your consultation, an invoice is emailed to you for payment by Payal or credit or debit card online.

The Principles of Abundant Energy


Everyone one is unique both biochemically, energetically and psychologically: what works for one person, may not work for another, so your program for abundant energy needs to be personalized to your unique needs.

A full spectrum approach which addresses the whole person is the most successful approach to boundless energy. Your physical, energetic and psycho-emotional bodies all matter when it comes to building unlimited energy levels. All three need to be optimized.

You are 100% responsible for for your health and achieving abundant energy. Vibrant energy is dependant upon education and a commitment to make the changes necessary. No person, organisation or institution will care about your energy as much as you do.

Your body knows how to heal itself. With your positive, optimistic expectation and intention, and a supportive physical, energetic and emotional environment, endless energy CAN be yours. Trust is key.

Ready to Get Started?

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