As you may know, I am a fan of the Enneagram system as a tool for personal growth, increasing self awareness and promoting health and energy levels.

The Enneagram is far more than a personality typing system…

It’s a mystical path for discovering and embodying YOUR true essence… in the work you do in the world and in expressing your unique gifts… and in your daily interchanges with your loved ones and communities.

And there’s no one better to guide you in essential practices that activate the transformative power of the Enneagram than Jessica Dibb.

On Wednesday, March 28 (and available until 12th April), this respected Enneagram expert will show you how to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram into your daily life — during a FREE virtual event, Discover the Living Enneagram: 3 Experiential Practices for Transforming Shadow Into Essence in Your Relationship, Work & World.

FInd out more and reserve your place for this complimentary virtual event here:

You’ll discover:

  • Insights into how the 9 domains of the Enneagram can help you expand your personal growth, human potential, and spiritual development
  • Specific practices to cultivate somatic awareness for taking action from the higher aspects of authentic life force
  • Daily tools and sacred practices for creating deep conscious intimacy
  • Key awarenesses to activate truthful inner guidance and creative possibilities for your life
  • Dominant Enneagrammatic patterns in your family, workplace, and community — and how to embody the higher aspects of the Enneagram types to bring balance and healing

When you embody your true essence and positive aspects of your Enneagram type, your choices and actions become more creative, wise, and loving for yourself and everyone you encounter!

We hope you’ll join us for this illuminating, hour-long event:


P.S. When you register for Discover the Living Enneagram — featuring renowned teacher Jessica Dibb — you’ll also receive the audio recording of the event.

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