Following on from my previous post about exploring mindfulness & meditation practices, I’d like to share with you an opportunity to explore a more body-based energetic approach to reducing stress and boosting immunity: through Qigong.

As mentioned – meditation is not a panacea, nor is it appropriate for everyone. If you been trying for a long time to create a daily meditation practice and it just hasn’t happened – try something else!  

Once again my friends at the Shift Network have partnered with Qigong teacher Lee Holden to create a free one-hour special video event, where you’ll discover:


  • The 3 key Qigong exercises for building a supercharged immune system
  • A 3-minute breathing exercise to clear stress and induce the relaxation response
  • The history of Chinese medicine, and why it’s considered “true healthcare”
  • How to discover the root cause of disease and transform it before it manifests in the body
  • How to activate Qi and the electrical system in your body/mind system
  • The Healing Sound for the lungs and a way to power up your respiratory system


The gift of Qigong is that you come back into your own body to boost your health and vitality — uncovering powerful healing effects you’ll see today and over the course of your lifetime. 


It’s FREE to attend — simply register here.


Take care for now and enjoy!




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