I can’t help feeling troubled about what seems to be an information blackout in the mainstream media about all the ways to boost immunity naturally to combat COVID-19.

Having worked in natural medicine for over 15 years now, I can affirm there is tremendous scientific backing in the mainstream medical databases like PubMed, showing that sunlight, time in nature, exercise, stress reduction, a healthy wholefoods diet, circadian rhythm management and good sleep, toxin and EMF reduction, resolving emotional trauma, vagus nerve stimulation, mindset management, meditation and much more will build immune system resilience.

How come there are no programs on television showing and inspiring people on a dally basis how to make powerful practical science-based lifestyle changes to boost and enhance immunity naturally? It’s a travesty.

So I guess myself and colleagues like Jonathan Landsman from NaturalHealth365 have to keep on fighting the good fight and sharing this vital information.

In that light, the timely Immune Defense Summit is launching with some important free gifts when you sign up. Get immediate access to this exclusive COVID-19 Viral Defense Protocol presentation with Dr. Thomas E. Levy, and Jonathan Landsman’s eBook, The Coronavirus Story: What the Media Isn’t Telling You.

And aside from the registration gifts, the summit is packed with experts showing you have to build resilience and prevent or reduce the risk of infections over the long term – including my interview with Jonathan on the powerful role of early life stress on immunity and how to heal emotions.

Sign up for your free place here.

Don’t miss this one – share it with friends and family far and wide.

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