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Niki’s Speaking Schedule 2017

What to book Niki for a speaking event? Email us at Niki@NikiGratrix.com for her Media Kit and topics. Thank you!

Niki is due to be speaking on numerous upcoming online summits in 2017 including the below. More details to be release as details become available.

Upcoming summits

The Immune Defense Summit 24th-31st July 2017

The Role of Emotional Trauma, stress and poor social relations in suppressing immunity

The Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit July 10th-17th

The Role of Emotional Trauma in Chronic Headaches and Migraine

Hormone Balance After 40: Energy for Your Amazing Life May 22nd to June 4th

The role of emotional trauma on hormone balance

The Increase Your Energy Summit 15th-25th May 2017

Emotional trauma and its link to overcoming fatigue related illnesses.

 The Microbiome Medicine Summit II 8-15th May 2017

The role of emotional trauma on your microbiome

The Women’s Vitality Summit 3rd-9th April 2017

bannerStress, Emotional Trauma and the impact on women’s health across a lifetime

The Diabetes Summit March 20-27th 2017

TDS17 ATTEND 600X600The role of emotional trauma and stress on blood sugar balance and the development of diabetes.

The Heart Revolution Summit Feb 25th-March 5th

tbtThe Role Of Emotional Trauma in Heart Health

  •  The prevalence of trauma and heart health statistics
  • Mechanisms of how emotional trauma affects the heart
  • Steps to healing trauma

The Autoimmune Revolution Jan 30th – Feb 6th 2017

air16_banner_attend_600x600The Role of Emotional Trauma in Childhood and Autoimmune onset

  • Prevalence of emotional trauma in childhood
  • Mechanisms – how childhood biography becomes adult biology
  • Steps to healing trauma

Previous Live Summits & Conferences

camexpo_theatre_Niki_Gratrix Niki spoke at the last ever CAM Expo live at London Olympia in September 2016 with thousands of practitioners, therapists and healthcare professionals and students.





Niki spoke at the CAM Summit on the 25th June 2016 on Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Impact on Health Across a Lifetime. Copies can be purchased on the website link below.

CAM Summit – http://www.CAMSummit.co.uk


Niki spoke live on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME to over 200 practitioners in London in March 2013, the presentation can be purchased at here.

Previous Online Summits


Heal Your Gut Summit January 18-25th 2016

HYG_600x600_AttendInterview is available for free listening HERE.

The Impact of Emotional Trauma on Gut Health

  • The role of emotional trauma on gut health
  • Mechanisms
  • Solutions to heal trauma


Forget Weight Loss Forever Project March 28th  – April 4th 2016

WL4EVR16_banner_attend_600x600The Impact of Emotional Trauma on Gaining Fat

What You’ll Learn

  • What are “ACEs” and how are they affecting your health?
  • Can trauma result in increased weight gain?
  • Strategies to help you with emotional trauma now!

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit April 4th-11th 2016

LYME16_banner_attend_600x600The Role of Stress and Emotional Trauma with Lyme Disease

What You’ll Learn

  • 3 steps to address emotional trauma
  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
  • 3 ways stress and trauma affect you

Transform Your Mind Summit April 4th 2016

Transform Your MindOvercoming Childhood Emotional Trauma

  • Health statistics related to ACEs
  • Mechanisms – how childhood biography becomes biology
  • Steps to healing emotional trauma

The Children and Teen’s Health Summit May 2nd-9th 2016


How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Negative Energy Can Affect Your Child’s Future Health

  • How your past shapes your future health (and your child’s)
  • What is your ACE score?
  • How parents can help their children


Anti Aging and Longevity Summit June 6th -13th 2016

AAP16_banner_attend_600x600Role of Emotional Trauma in Aging and Reduced Lifespan

  • Stress and emotional trauma in aging and longevity
  • Role of “ACEs” in reducing lifespan
  • 5 steps to addressing emotional trauma


The Fibromyalgia Summit June 20th-27th 2016

FIBRO16_banner_attend_600x600Trauma-Stress-Abuse and Connections to Fibromyalgia

  • Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) as triggers for FM
  • How ACEs affect our behavior and biology
  • Safe strategies to recover from ACEs



The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit July 25th-August 1st 2016

ALZ16_banner_attend_600x600Dementia Warning: Uncovering the Threat of Emotional Stress

  • How early life traumas negatively affect brain function
  • 5 steps to resolve emotional trauma naturally
  • Powerful message for anyone concerned about dementia


The Sleep Summit  August 8th-15th 2016

SLEEP16_banner_attend_600x600Is Your Past Preventing You From Sleeping?

  • How trauma affects sleep
  • Is emotional trauma affecting your sleep?
  • Addressing post-trauma for better sleep

The Essential Oils Revolution 2 Summit  August 22nd 2016

EOR16_banner_attend_600x600Essential Oils to Reverse Emotional Trauma in Childhood

  • Health implications of childhood emotional trauma
  • Not becoming a victim of adverse childhood events (ACEs)
  • EO protocol to help reverse the 4 stages of trauma

The Medicinal Supplements Summit September 12th 2016

SUPP16_banner_attend_optB_600x600Supplements for Supercharged Energy

  • Supplements to avoid if you want long-term energy
  • Can synthetic supplements negatively impact energy?
  • How food-based supplements provide “photonic” living energy

The Healing Pain Summit 12-17th September 2016

Healing Pain Summit BannerThe Role of Emotional Trauma in Chronic Pain 

  • The prevalence of emotional trauma
  • Mechanisms – how emotional trauma changes biochemistry to create pain
  • Step to healing trauma


The Detox Project September 23rd – 3rd October

DETOX16_banner_attend_600x600The Impact of Emotional Trauma on Detoxification

  • Prevalence of emotional trauma
  • Mechanism and how trauma interferes with healthy biological detoxification
  • Steps to healing trauma and increase your capacity to detox effectively

International Telesummit on Chronic Fatigue – 10 Experts

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic illness recovery audio seriesAccess HERE.

Topic: The 5 Levels of Healing

  • How humans have more than one body to consider for health
  • The Physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual body

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