Join me and 20 other experts for the 10 week sugar-free program run by Razi Berry and Dr Brian Mowll – starts on Monday 19th June.

I am speaking on the role of unresolved emotions and how to address this to conquer sugar and food addictions.


Free Book Giveaway

As part of the run up to the program Razi is giving away her ebook for FREE here:

The Great Sugar Conspiracy

Free Webinar:  Sugar: The Dirty Lies

Second, please join my good friends, Razi Berry and Dr. Brian Mowll for a private Q&A webinar to answer your questions on ending sugar addiction.

Sign up for free here.

Did you know that food manufacturers spend tens of millions of dollars defeating initiatives and lobbying our leaders to protect their interest – and pouring money into so-called “research studies” to deceive and confuse you – because the bottom line is not about people…

… it is the profit margin.  And you are for sale.

How do you begin to know and influence THAT machine??? Or even just feed your own family safely?

Let us help. 

It’s time to change the game and take back our power.

Watch the webinar at no cost here.







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