Did you know that huge scientific studies of over 300,000 people confirm the the quality of your social relations is a greater predictor of survival than your weight, physical activity, blood pressure, exposure to pollution, alcohol consumption and even smoking 15 cigarettes per day! 

This is the topic I cover in the upcoming free Total Health Experts Summit. We’ll be discussing why it is so important to heal shame and loneliness, and how to do this if you want to have a truly healthy body.

Secure your free spot on the summit to listen – it launches on March 18th!

There are many gifted doctors, coaches, entrepreneurs and high performance professionals professionals who will be giving their strategies for taking your life and health to the next level, too!

Hopefully, you’ll join us and learn for yourself how to empower yourself to live at a higher level. Optimal health is about more than just diet or exercise. It involves every aspect of your day to day life.

This Summit is FREE — but only for a limited time. And you must register to save your spot!


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