(FREE Video Training) Amygdala Retraining With Ashok Gupta

ashok-gupta-2For those of you with chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue and related illnesses who attended my summit last year, you may remember Ashok Gupta who was voted second favorite speaker on the entire summit.

Ashok is a brain-retraining expert and is about to embark on a live US tour of his amygdala retraining program for overcoming chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and related illnesses.

If you cannot attend these live workshops but want to learn more about his work or experience the course at home, see more details below.

Free Video Training and Home DVD Course – The Gupta Program

The Gupta Program was developed by Ashok Gupta, who suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME before curing himself of it, and then conducting research into the brain neurology of these illnesses.

His research led him to conclude that these conditions are caused by abnormalities in the brain, especially a brain structure called the “Insula” & the “Amygdala”.

The latest findings in brain neurology, specifically “neuroplasticity”, show that the brain is inherently re-wireable. And the Gupta Program is a way of re-wiring the brain’s responses to bring back health and vitality.

In a published medical study, two-thirds of patients reached a full recovery, and 90% made an improvement.

If you want to find out more about the Gupta Program, please click the banner below and register for his his free video training:


USA Live Tour Dates and Details with Ashok Gupta

  • usa-ashokNEW YORK: 5th-6th November 2016
  • CHICAGO: 8th-9th November 2016,
  • LOS ANGELES: 12th-13th November 2016


To find out more about the live events, click here.

I am are pleased to announce Ashok’s US Tour, which is an excellent opportunity to go experience a Live Workshop with Ashok, and learn all the tools and techniques directly from the creator of this brain retraining program.

Ashok’s aim is for you to leave the workshop feeling motivated, positive, stronger, and ready to recover, and previous attendees have told us that having the interactive energy of a workshop really worked for them!

Learn more here.

To Your Abundant Energy!


PS – Ashok is a talented practitioner who profoundly understands the brain and how to transform your thinking for supercharged energy – don’t miss out on the free video training!





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