Discover essential practices that activate the transformative power of the Enneagram — the world’s most influential psychological and spiritual typing system — to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

The host of the Global Enneagram Summit is back! Jessica Dibb has a free one hour virtual audio seminar available and is now offering an 11 week online experiential course in the Enneagram System.

As many of you know, the Enneagram is powerful tool of self-exploration. It can help you transform emotional trauma, become more self-aware and transform your health and life.

This event is HIGHLY recommended – hurry only 3 days left to listen to the free audio training!

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photo_enneagramwomanbirdsHave you been looking to go deeper on your path of growth and spiritual development, so you can embody your true potential?

The Enneagram reveals the intricate layers of just what makes you “tick” — offering a portal into the rich diversity of your inner landscape and your capacity for full-spectrum living.

Much more than a personality test that places you in a limiting “box,” this time-tested system allows you to see yourself (and others) as a truly multidimensional being on a unique journey of profound and lasting transformation.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding yourself, your soul gifts — and your relationships. It dynamically maps the ego-driven fears, desires and motivations that fuel your behavioral patterns — and offers a path of liberation and wholeness.

However, it’s one thing to intellectually understand the gifts of your personality and each of the nine Enneagram Types, and quite another thing to embody your realizations.

There is a tendency for people to approach the Enneagram more like an intellectual game of labeling than an actual tool for transformation — one that can help you integrate the wisdom of your body, heart AND head to catalyze major shifts in your very being.

If you’re curious to know more about how you can use experiential practices with the wisdom of Enneagram to unlock your potential, esteemed teacher Jessica Dibb has answers for you that make working with this profound system more effective, practical and life-changing.

In this free event, you’ll learn how to approach the Enneagram as an opportunity for liberation from the limitations of your type and realize who you are at the most profound levels. You’ll see how you can use it to infuse the essential qualities of love, wisdom, and presence into your daily life.

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As you learn how to explore the Enneagram’sjessica_bio gifts in an embodied way, you can shift into a larger space that offers greater freedom, creativity and intimacy.

You’ll overcome fears, become aware of blind spots, and awaken untapped dimensions of being.

Your guide for this exploration is Jessica Dibb, a respected consciousness expert, breathwork trainer and Enneagram “depth teacher.” And she’ll share her approach with you that integrates psychological, spirituality and embodiment practices to turn the Enneagram into an even more powerful tool for sustainable transformations.

  • An easy practice for actualizing more loving kindness and compassion for all
  • How the nine domains of Enneagram can help you expand your personal growth, human potential and spiritual development
  • A new orientation to wisdom that is 3-centered — somatic, emotional and cognitive — which results in more accurate guidance than when it is sourced from only one center
  • How to become “fearlessly present” by daring to contact your full power in each moment

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PS Hurry – the virtual free event is only available for 3 more days! Find out more here and listen to the free audio training.


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