Most health professionals focus on the baby’s health, not the mother’s — but a happier, healthier, stronger mom is the best gift you can give your child!

If Mum is stressed during pregnancy, this will be absorbed by her unborn baby. I discuss this and much more in my interview on the upcoming Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit.

Fortunately, we’re here to give moms all the advice and education they need about nutrition, fitness, gut health, pelvic health, hormones and mental health — all in ONE place!

—>>Join me for The Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit, September 10-16, 2018.


Doctors today are giving outdated advice about how to prepare / maintain physical and mental health for birth, and often not even focusing on motherhood.

One problem (and it’s one of many!): 3 in 4 mothers will have a birth-related, pelvic injury that leads to incontinence, painful sex, back pain or pelvic organ prolapse — their bodies are simply NOT ready for birth or the rigors of motherhood that follow!

Your host, Heba Shaheed, has had immune issues since childhood, including asthma, eczema, food sensitivities, recurrent ear infections, period pain, irregular periods and more.

She has personally experienced the lasting effects of poor maternal nutrition and mental health, but she is here to change that — to share her wisdom so you can be a happier, healthier, stronger mom!

This Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit will teach you about:
• Making healthy choices in preconception, pregnancy, postpartum (and beyond!)
• Properly preparing for pregnancy and motherhood to minimize health struggles
• Learning natural ways to overcome depression and anxiety
• Latest advice on exercising (especially strength exercises!)
• How to accept and listen to your new, lovely body
• And much more!

The Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit is online and free from September 10-16, 2018!

I’ll see you online at this educational summit when you register today.

Take care for now,


P.S. A happier, healthier, stronger mom is the best gift you can give your child, register for free today!

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