Autoimmunity occurs as a result of a variety of environmental, genetic and emotional factors.

Your emotional health is directly linked to your immune function, via the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis, which means that you can positively influence your physical health by optimizing your emotional state and your mindset.

If you have unresolved emotional trauma, have a poor relationship with yourself, or have a negative mindset in general, you will be promoting ill health and you may not even realize that you are doing it!

Join me and 33 other experts as we explore different ways of addressing emotional trauma, developing a deeper connection with self and others, dealing with stress, and improving brain function at the Psychohealthology Summit 2018.

In addition to expert interviews, each day of the event you are invited to participate in a practical healing-focused session.

Please, don’t forget to share this event with anyone who may benefit from this health- and life-altering information!

The PsychoHealthology Summit 2018 will take place from 14th – 21st September, 2018. Click here to claim your FREE ticket and enjoy 40 amazing sessions that will show you how to utilize the mind-body connection more effectively to help you heal from autoimmunity!

I hope to see you there!

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Sep 14 (DAY 1) – Consciousness, quantum healing & longevity  

Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD                                    Cell Consciousness & Other Lessons From the Petri Dish

Dr Amit Goswami, PhD                                 The Foundations of Quantum Healing                    

Lynne McTaggart                                           Harnessing the Energies of Small Groups to Aid Healing

Jason Prall, BSc, FDN                                     Longevity Lessons From the Blue Zones                

Dr Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, MBBRS                Healing Session of the Day: Guided Meditation                  


Sep 15 (DAY 2) – improving the relationship with self as the main key to healing

Dr Meg Haworth, PhD                                   Steps to Overcoming Victimization                         

Hillary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW                       Discover the Change Triangle                                   

Dr Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, MBBRS                Self-discovery With Transactional Analysis                          

Kari Owens, CTNC, CYT                                 Prioritizing Your Healing as an Act of Self-love    

Dr Sarah Ballantyne, PhD                             AIP mindset: Optimism, Hope & Healing               

Dr Craig Weiner, DC, BA                               Healing Session of the Day: Emotional Freedom Techni                                                           

Sep 16 (DAY 3) – Different ways of healing emotional trauma  

Dr Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA, MA                      Understanding the Neuroscience of Trauma                       

Dr Darren Weissman, DC                             Awakening the Secret Code of Your Mind                            

Dave Berger, MFT, PT, LCMHC                   Addressing Trauma Using Somatic Experiencing

Jennifer Cross, MA, MFA                              Writing Ourselves Whole                                           

Dr Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, MBBRS                Healing Session of the Day: Havening Techniques                                                                                                                       

Sep 17 (DAY 4) – More ways of healing emotional trauma                          

Lisa Wimberger, MA, MBTI                            Neurosculpting®: Fusing Brain Science & Mindfulness

Gina Ross, MFCC                                            Beyond Trauma Vortex: Healing Fear & Terror    

Dr Alex Loyd, ND, PhD                                  Self-healing Using the Healing Codes                     

Elizabeth Rosner                                            Healing Intergenerational Trauma                          

Chad Foreman (The Way of Meditation)        Healing Session of the Day: Healing Meditation  

Sep 18 (DAY 5) – healing through vibrational medicine                 

Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP                  Energy Field, Emotions & Our Physical Health     

Misa Hopkins (Sound Healer)                      The Art of Sound Healing                                           

Harry Massey (NES Health)                          The Future of Medicine: Bioenergetics                  

Laura Graham (Earthing Oz)                        What You Need to Know About Earthing                             

Sharna Langlais (Reiki Master)                    Promoting Healing With Reiki                                  

Misa Hopkins (Sound Healer)                      Healing Session of the Day: Sound Healing                          


Sep 19 (DAY 6) – other ways of utilizing the mind-body connection to promote healing

Dr Rollin McCraty, PhD                                 Heart Intelligence & the Heart-brain Connection

Sherezade Ruano, RN, MA, E-RYT             Discover the RhythmiaBreath Method                   

Sarah Small, CHLC, CYMT                           Chakras & Their Relationships With Our Body     

Emily A Francis, BS, LMT                              Your Muscles and Their Emotional Connection               

Sifu Anthony Korahais (Flowing Zen)            Recover Your Health With Qigong                          

Sherezade Ruano, RN, MA, E-RYT             Healing session of the day: RhythmiaBreath Method              


Sep 20 (DAY 7) – Healing and training the brain                                  

Dr Titus Chiu, DC, MS, DACNB                    Heal Your Brain With Root Cause Neurology                       

Morry Zelcovitch (The Morry MethodTM)      The Study of Brainwave Entrainment                      

Dr Raphael Kellman, MD                              The Whole Brain: New Ways of Looking at Brain Health  

Dr Heidi Hanna, PhD                                     How to Recharge & Re-energize the Brain                           

Dr Andrew Newberg, MD                               How Spirituality Changes the Brain                         

Sifu Anthony Korahais (Flowing Zen)            Healing Session of the Day: Qigong                        


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