image-bookToday I am supporting practitioners in a very cool way. My good friend, James Maskell (Founder of the Evolution of Medicine), is giving away his book.

After speaking all over the world for six years, helping health practitioners past the huge issues they face today, teaching them to create successful micropractices, James decided to put it all into a book to support more people. Click here to get instructions and download James’ book as his gift to you: The Evolution of Medicine: Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease and Fall Back in Love with Medicine.”

With reviews pouring in from all over the world, this one really stands out:

“With physicians losing faith in industrialized medicine at record speed, a new paradigm is needed to engage both physicians and patients into health creation. The ‘Functional Micropractice’ is a fascinating concept and will accelerate the movement towards truly integrated healthcare. I recommend this book to any physician colleague.” ~ Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

And our good friend, New York Times best selling author Dr. Mark Hyman, said that this book might just change the world. (High praise, indeed.)

If you are a health professional considering functional medicine because you are frustrated with a system that does not help you to truly heal your patients – or you are an integrative or functional medical practitioner who just can’t make your practice profitable, this book is 100% for you.

This book is all about overcoming what stands in the way of anyone who is practicing in this new era of medicine and health.

The Evolution of Medicine is literally a roadmap for the success of modern integrative practitioners. This is the how-to on practicing a type of medicine relevant to today’s diseases, in a way that creates more education for patients, a steady stream of patients to work with, with tons of best practices and proven efficiency methods.

This information is your master class to help you soar from frustration and inefficiency to proven, replicable solutions and a clear success plan.

The book is our gift to you – and it is your blueprint to the brave new world of the integrative micropractice. Grab your copy at no cost. Just click here.

Here’s to your success,



PS:  This is your step-by-step roadmap to creating a micropractice with the lowest possible overhead, making it as easy as possible for doctors and health practitioners to make the transition into an integrative medicine. Get your gift copy at no cost – but hurry, this offer ends soon.

Yes, please give me my downloadable copy of “The Evolution of Medicine:

Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease and Fall Back in Love with Medicine”

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