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About Niki

Niki is an award-winning internationally renowned functional health practitioner and medical empath, helping people to optimize energy.

In 2015 she ran the largest ever online summit on overcoming chronic fatigue in collaboration with Ken Wilber with over 30,000 attendees.

Niki is passionate about using both psycho-emotional, energetic and physical approaches for a truly comprehensive, radically wholistic approach to abundant energy and health.

Niki is known for being able to identify and articulate how the mind and body work together as one unit, helping people to connect all the dots and move them along their healing journey. See Niki’s full bio here.

On Working with Niki

“I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped Elizabeth over the past year. The improvement in her is staggering and I feel she is truly well now. She is thinking of taking a gap year next year and trips to goodness knows where. This would have been impossible last year. So thank you so much for giving her her life back and for giving my daughter back to me. It’s been a tough few years but she is proof that with the right help, recovery is possible.”

Jackie C


“I wanted to share some exciting news, we are moving to Dubai/UAE…the reason I wanted to share is because I could never have even considered doing this without your input, into my health and as inspiration to train myself, you have been a huge influence on quality of life… and the opportunity to have real adventures again. When we first consulted I could never have imagined being well enough to relocate like this. Thank you.”

Victoria F

Nutritional Therapist

Niki’s  Upcoming Speaking Events

On Niki’s Speaking

“I am overwhelmingly touched by your expertise and knowledge about topics that are affecting me so deeply. I hope you will continue your work which makes such a powerful impact for so many people, as I can definitely speak for myself about that fact. It would be life-changing and long overdue to work with someone like you. I have such high respect and wish you the blessings you deserve !!”

Deborah R

“I have never told you, but you have literally saved my life through your interviews on summit’s and your website! I owe you my life! I have a long way to go, but trust me that you were instrumental in me still being around now! I was ill over the holidays and finally am feeling better! I hope you had a great Christmas! I really do not do holidays. Happy New Year! Big Hug!”

Melanie K

“Your work has been the essential missing piece in my healing journey. You have synthesized so much research in the biochemistry of emotion and its disease consequences. You have connected all the dots. That enables you to present a comprehensive and coherent view of the emotional trauma underlying so much disease today. I’m unaware of anyone else in the field doing what you do. Bravo! Thank you for giving me the critical knowledge I needed to be able to weather the emotional storms of healing. I couldn’t be doing it without you.”

David S

“Nikki I am blown out by you!!! You are my new heroine! I went to Harvard. Both my parents were M.D.s, my dad was a microbiologist/ virologist. You impress me and I thank God for you and what you’ve learned and practice and teach. Harvard was physics for me, but have been leaning way back into the new medicine as it unfolds. With the utmost respect, and admiration.”

David P

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