Join me for my in-depth interview with Carla Atherton on the vital importance of emotional health on the Children’s Health Summit.

Supporting our children’s physical AND mental health is so critical – this time will impact our children’s wellbeing and health across a lifetime.

Don’t miss this important inerview and listen to 60 other experts on the Children’s Health Summit, starting on 13th May.

ADHD, Autism, mood disorders, autoimmunity are on the rapid rise in our young population. Our children are now affected by obesity, diabetes, depression, addictions to sugar, media, and technology, the list goes on.

What is happening to our kids? And what can we do about it?

We need a children’s health revolution, and Carla Atherton and her army of family health experts (including me) intend to create one!

The answer is not more meds or quick fixes; it is about building health from the roots, nurturing and caring for our children (mind, body, and spirit), and giving them the tools they need to care for themselves and each other.

Join us for the biggest family health event of the year, the Children’s Health Summit 4, online and FREE from May 13th-23rd, 2019!

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Don’t miss it! Carla Atherton addresses a diverse buffet of topics during 10 days of interviews with leading experts in many health fields addressing all of the chronic conditions plaguing our children today. What is happening, and what can we do about it? Find out!

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PS Join us for the Children’s Health Summit for FREE from May 13-23, 2019, and be inspired and empowered!

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