I have many important updates to make and publish on my independent research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and related illnesses, and this is the first of a number I will announce in the coming months.

Many in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME world know of these people to some degree, but I doubt many have yet come across the work of Professor Steven Rochlitz (website www.wellatlast.com ).

I think he has done some ground-breaking research, and he has what I would term “laser” insight into some of the key issues going on at the biochemical and energetic level for many of the most difficult cases to treat. This is especially the case for those patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and multiple food and chemical intolerances.

Prof. Steven Rochlitz first came to my attention when I read his book “Allergies and Candida with the Physicist’s Rapid Solution” (available at www.wellatlast.com). I then read his other books and what immediately impressed me is that Prof. Rochlitz hypothesized publicly in 2005 that many patients with environmental illness may have patent foramen ovale (PFO). This is a hole in the heart that some 30% of the entire human population probably have.


Patent Foramen Ovales (PFO) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

The reason this is impressive is that one of the world’s leading clinicians and researchers in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Dr Paul Cheney, came out in 2009 and confirmed he believes all patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME may have PFO too. I saw Dr Cheney speak at the Annual Conference for the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2008 in the US where he presented all his research on heart function and Chronic Fatigue Sydrome/ME to a standing ovation of over 600 top class practitioners.

Dr Paul Cheney has been studying the heart in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME patients with probably thousands of dollars of equipment to clinically test heart function – so it was impressive to read that Dr Rochlitz’s research findings are being confirmed.

PFO can explain why people with chronic and environmental illness are both fatigued and develop global allergies and sensitivities. A hole in the heart means blood can shunt across from the right to the left atria, bypassing the lungs which means blood is de-oxygenated, there will be decreased blood flow to the brain, and some toxins which get filtered out by the lungs will remain in the blood. Clearly this will lead to fatigue and exercise intolerance.

In addition, Rochlitz believes the low blood flow levels, toxin overload and low blood oxygen levels will increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier causing the brain to go into an excited state. Sleep would likely be affected, but importantly this can lead the brain to become hypersensitive not just to chemicals and smells, but also to sound and light.

I will be going into more depth about the meaning and implications of PFO for Chronic Fatigue Patients/ME in the coming weeks, but for now, those who want to get a taste of Prof. Steven Rochlitz’s work in this particular area can buy his article on the subject from Nexus Magazine HERE.

If you want to go further – I highly recommend reading his book on the subject available here: http://www.wellatlast.com/books.html#booklet.

Prof. Steven Rochlitz and Porphyria

After first discovering the above, I then found this professor has written a profoundly insightful book on the subject of Porphyria – and it may end up being his main contribution to understanding one of the important underlying causes of environmental illness.

I believe porphyria may explain the missing link behind the below issues:

  • Why some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME patients react profoundly negatively to adrenal glandular supplements
  • Why some patients are highly intolerant to emotional stress
  • Why some patients have an incredibly hard time tolerating thyroid medication
  • Why some patients show profound intolerances to food and supplements and yet IgG and IgE food intolerance testing do not show up any intolerances
  • Why some patients have had profoundly negative reactions to Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD) injections, the Perrin Technique and the Lightning Process.

Again I will be going into more depth on this subject I the coming weeks – for those who want to push on, for a taster version I recommend reading both articles below from Nexus Magazine:

On Porphyria

And on the P450 enzymes.

Or for those who want indepth knowledge, buy Prof. Rochlitz’s book on the subject at www.wellatlast.com.

Rochlitz on Vagus Nerve Imbalance and Hiatal Hernia

The last area of Prof. Rochlitz’s work I will mention for now, is his work on vagus nerve imbalance and hiatal hernia. I believe this to be a fundamental issue in most Chronic Fatigue Sundrome/ME patients, and possibly one I will follow up to write the most about in the coming weeks and months. For those who want to jump ahead, again, a taster in Nexus Magazine is here:

Vagus Nerve Imbalance and Hiatal Hernia

His book on the subject is available from his website at www.Wellatlast.com

Watch this space!

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