HeartbeatAs many of you may have gathered from reading my website posts on diet or having consultations with me, I’ve been saying for many years now that saturated fat should NOT be excluded from people’s diets, that it is not the “demon” it has been made out to be in the popular press – and the same goes for cholesterol for that matter.

Unfortunately the drug and food industries need you to think otherwise because they are highly invested in, and profit from, the false hypothesis that saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease – the number one cause of death in the industrialised world.

Every now and then a paper is published in a respectable mainstream journal that helps “myth-bust” this corporate sponsored dogma. Just this month an eminent cardiologist wrote a paper in the British Medical Journal called Saturated fat is not the major issue – many of you can go straight to this paper and read it for yourselves to get the full story and see all the related scientific references.

But it’s not just saturated fats. The idea that high cholesterol causes heart disease has already been myth-busted by many doctors, scientists, health practitioners and investigative journalists who are committed to telling the truth openly – finally.

The videos below link to a documentary about the truth behind statin drugs. Statins are the blockbusting best selling cholesterol-lowering medications. What is particularly worrying to me, is not just some of the devastating side effects from the drugs, nor the fact that they are based on a hypothesis that cholesterol causes heart disease – which is well, now highly questionable.

No, my concern is also that if you take drugs like statins to block the absorption and “flow” of fats in your diet, or you follow a very low fat diet, you may be increasing the risk of developing major diseases like Alzheimer’s. The brain NEEDS good levels of fats and cholesterol for proper neuronal functioning.

A researcher who has made this link is Stephanie Seneff. Seneff is the Senior Research Scientist at the prestigious MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has been publishing in Entrophy, the Archives of Medical Science, Medical Hypotheses, and this paper published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine in 2011 is worth reading: Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Detrimental Role of a High Carbohydrate Diet.

This is a quote from the paper: “The strong influence of Ancel Keys [the scientist who popularized low fat diet as healthy], beginning in the 1960s, has led to dietary avoidance of fats and cholesterol along with over-zealous prescription of cholesterol-reducing medications over the same decades in which there has been a parallel rise in AD [Alzheimer’s Disease] prevalence. Although this epidemiological coincidence is not proof, it gives weight to underlying research showing a possible link between cholesterol depletion and neuronal failure”

Good Fats Bad Fats

Our bodies have 50-100 trillions cells in them that make up “us.” Every single one of these cells has a cell membrane made of fats. At least 50% of these membranes are made of saturated fats. This is required for healthy functioning. So – eat your organic eggs, nuts, coconut oil, quality organic meat, oily fish, avocados and organic dairy if you tolerate these foods.

Bad fats do exists – these are the processed and refined “trans fats” which were created by the food companies for preservation and shelf life. Trans fats are normally oils at room temperature which have been processed through heating to a very high degree causing them to become “hard” at room temperature. An example of this is vegetable oils found in margarine.  

The Documentary $tatin Nation


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