The miHealth Device

The miHealth is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device that can be bought as stand alone or optionally for use with ProVision bioenergetic scanning.

Cost: $3500

Payable by Paypal or debit or credit card:

Product Description

The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow, muscles, nerves, organs and area’s of the body. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body’s own innate inteligence starts to heal itself.

After purchase, you can book a consult with Niki to learn how to use the device at home. Learn more about consultations with Niki here.

How the NES miHealth works

miHealth helps to retrain your body’s own healing system by communicating specifically with the parts of the body with which it is in contact. The device does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electrical signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals. Bioelectric biofeedback therapy is known to help reduce stress and re-educate parts of the body and mind to healthier patterns which can lead to a better quality of life.

The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into “patterns” where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — as it both release’s stuck patterns which clear the way for the body’s own healing system to take over.

The miHealth is FDA-approved for Pain Relief

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