This was the last article I have written for Get Fresh! magazine on the subject of “Subpersonalities.” This article is about how we as humans are made up of multiple “parts” or subpersonalities. Most of these are good aspects, such as the part of us that does our jobs well, or is a good mother or any other role we regularly play well. However there are parts of us that are “unresolved.” These unresolved subpersonalities may make up only a tiny percent of the sum total of who we are – but they take up 90% of our time and attention.

Unresolved subpersonalities are those with an emotional charge – they are needy in some way, there may be parts of us that are sad or crying all the time, afraid of something or are frozen in trauma from something that happened to us in the past. Unresolved subpersonalities are essentially part of our “shadow side.”

More on this subject and how to integrate them  – see the full article Subpersonalities

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