So I’m extremely excited to share with you this latest docu-series – which I am appearing in! An entire episode is dedicated to adversity in childhood and the impact on health across a lifetime.

The project director, Jason Prall is a good friend of mine. We spoke recently at a practitioner conference in Atlanta together, and Jason is one of the few teachers and health experts who understands that emotional trauma and adverse childhood events have a massive impact on health.

The docu-series includes amazing information about the REAL sources of health and longevity including social and emotional support, circadian rhythm management, the importance of the gut health and mitochondrial function and ancient practices that have been around for centuries, but our modern lifestyles have forgotten.

He’s been around the world interviewing experts, centenarians and scientists on the quest for: what makes humans live a long, happy and healthy life?

Superb experts like Dr Datis Kharrazian, research fellow at Harvard Medical School and others from the functional medicine community are speaking in this project – definitely NOT to be missed!

Watch and learn how to apply ancient wisdom to your modern life so you can have a life free from the symptoms that hold so many people back from having the energy and happiness they deserve.

If you’re like me, the thought of this should make you pretty excited.

So I am inviting you to witness Jason’s remarkable journey in a first-of-its-kind, 9-part documentary–for free.

Watch The Trailer Here

You’ll visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, speak to the vibrant and spirited people who live there, and be moved and inspired by their stories.

Then you’ll sit in on Jason’s private meetings with the world’s leading experts, authors, doctors and healers.

You’ll be there as they discuss the fundamental principles that afford these people such wonderful, healthy lives.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of how you can implement their knowledge into your own life to get incredible results.

Please take a moment to Reserve Your Seat Here (please share this with people you care about).

I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am.

Take care for now!


P.S. Here’s a breakdown of the 9 episodes (each one begins at 5:00PM Eastern Time and stays live for FREE for 24 hours): 

  1. The Truth About Aging: Can It Be Slowed or Even Reversed?
  2. The Gut and Immune System’s Role in Disease and Early Aging.
  3. The Surprising Way Healthy Populations Think About Diet and Exercise.
  4. Can We Be Healthy In A Sick World? Is Our Environment Too Far Gone?
  5. Light! Where The Western World Went Wrong and How To Fix it.
  6. Learn How To Reverse This Alarming Trend In Our Children.
  7. Power Of Purpose: What All Healthy Societies Know That We Don’t.
  8. The Real Reason These Healthy Populations Don’t Get Chronic Disease or Cancer
  9. Bonus: Taking Ancient Wisdom And Applying It To Our Modern Lives

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