The Superb Global Stress Summit is Back for 2018!

Unresolved stress or trauma is often underlying most chronic health conditions including chronic fatigue, autoimmunity, burnout, anxiety, depression, many digestive related disorders and pain just to name a few.

In this superb upcoming summit, my friend Dr Heidi Hanna the Executive Director the American Institute of Stress is interviewing some of THE world-leading experts in stress and trauma to provide you with  some very simple tools and techniques to overcome stress – completely for free!

Reserve your free spot here!

The amazing speaker line up includes:

  • One of my favorite people, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, world-leading expert in trauma and Professor of psychiatry at Boston Medical School
  • Dr Stephen Porges, distinguished psychiatrist and founder of Polyvagal Theory
  • Dr Herbert Benson who introduced meditation and the relaxation method to medicine!
  • Dr Rick Hanson, Neuroscientist and multiple New York Times best-selling author on topics including hardwiring happiness, resilience and developing a Bhudda brain
  • And many more!

You do not want to miss this groundbreaking event, reserve your free spot here!

I’ll definitely be seeing you at this event!

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