Today I am supporting practitioners again in a super cool way. The Evolution of Medicine is giving away a very powerful tool, and I want my community to have it.

The Evolution of Medicine has created The Practice Calculator to help calculate how much time you can save each week in your practice and how to maximize your success by implementing proven systems to standardize your tasks and improve efficiency.

This is a superpower tool for efficiency. Click here to put your practice through the Practice Calculator.

How did this get created? Back in March, The Evolution of Medicine got to review the Institute for Functional Medicine’s practitioner survey. The picture it clearly painted was that the biggest roadblock practices face is a lack of efficiency – an overload of paperwork, patient education, and disorganized patient acquisition.


To operate the Practice Calculator and determine the key areas of focus you should examine in your practice, simply download the tool and adjust the sliders to indicate how much time you spend consulting with patients and how much time you spend on administrative tasks, etc. The calculator will measure systemic inefficiencies and then determine what that inefficiency is costing you.

Click here to access the Practice Calculator.

Remember, genius has little to do with luck and everything to do with practice. I hope this tool will support you over the next year.

Here’s to your highest success,



PS:  Hey, let me give you an example. Dr. Jeffrey is an integrative urologist from San Francisco. When he entered his hours per week spent consulting with patients, plus his time spent charting and on administrative tasks, then he added the percentage of time spent on patient education, hours managing his in-house pharmacy, hourly rate, etc. Dr. Jeffrey discovered he could be saving 428 hours per year. That’s over eight hours a week (and $128,340). Year one. Mind blowing right?

Click here to put your practice through the Practice Calculator and highlight the specific areas where you could create more efficiency.

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