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Toxic Home Transformation

Is your home really toxin-free? At some time or another, everyone needs to do a home clean-up. It’s truly not possible to heal mitochondrial dysfunction and detoxify when there are still environmental exposures present in your home. It’s time — in fact, way past time — to have a serious look at the toxic influence […]

How to Complete a Home and Work Chemical Clean-up

In order to have abundant energy, it is vital to clean up your external environment. External environmental stressors are like loads on a boat, which will eventually cause the boat to sink, leading to low energy and ill health.  A two-year study, involving five independent research laboratories in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, […]

Why Complete a Home Chemical Clean-Up – The Evidence

Expanding on an article I originally wrote in CAM magazine in November 2013, available evidence is now linking a role for toxins in many major illnesses in those with a genetic susceptibility including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, almost all autoimmune disorders, brain disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and cancer. However, the role of toxins has been […]