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Your Questions on Pain Answered

Have you had enough pain yet?  Or have you seen someone you love suffering? As a society, pain – and the treatment of pain – have reached epidemic proportions.   (Not to mention the pain killer dilemma of addiction.) This article belongs to The Abundant Energy Expert ! The original article can be found here: […]

Book Recomendation: Heal Your Pain Now

The thing almost all pain solutions overlook, is the brain-pain connection and how your brain can make pain last for…ever. This is why I strongly recommend my good friend, Dr. Joe Tatta’s cutting-edge book, “Heal Your Pain Now: The Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life.”  —> Learn more here […]

Attend The Most Important Health Summit of the Year

For anyone suffering fatigue or related conditions including Fibromyalgia; attending this summit is a MUST. 20%–70% of patients with Fibromyalgia also meet the criteria for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, and conversely, 35%–70% of those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome–like illnesses have concurrent Fibromyalgia. In some ways this is The Abundant Energy Summit Part 2! This article belongs […]