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40 Days of Step-by-Step Keto Diet Coaching

I realized something very important in 2017, and it’s so true for all my clients as well. If you want to be really healthy and have great energy again, you probably already know 80% of what is needed. The issue isn’t knowledge, but actually DOING it – putting into practice what you know. Simple, but […]

The Keto Diet Bundle

If you’ve been following me on my email list for a while, you’ll know that I try to share valuable articles, free events and products which cover both the mind AND body approaches for optimum health and energy. Last year a large number of you all signed up for the Keto summit which covered detailed […]

The Keto Summit – Started This Week

This summit almost passed me by! It looks like a serious summit and for those of you specifically interested in understanding more about the low carb diet, Paleo eating or the “keto” diet – this is for you. It’s started already – but there are two full encore days with all the videos being made […]