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Epigenetics: Emotional Trauma can be Inherited Inter-generationally

A study carried out by Haifa University in Israel found that Holocaust trauma signs can be identified among third-generation grandchildren. The study, carried out by Dr. Miri Scharf and Prof. Ofra Mayseless from Haifa University’s Education Department, detects unprocessed, indirect signs of post-trauma, or problems in communication and interaction systems, among second-and-third-generation descendants of Holocaust […]

Article for Get Fresh! on Candida: The Untold Story

This was an article I wrote in 2010 for Get Fresh! Magazine on the connection between psychology, heavy metals and candida. Read the article here: Candida the Untold Story Topics include The link between Emotional Trauma, Heavy metals and Fungal overgrowth -the “Klinghardt Axiom” Testing for low stomach acid Testing for Candida This article belongs […]