The Human Body Field

BOdy FieldEver since the beginnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, over 2500 years ago, it has been known that humans don’t just have a physical body, but also a “subtle” energetic body to consider for health.

Over 30 years of research by the HeartMath Institute confirms that there is a large electromagnetic field emanating from the heart that is 100 times stronger than the field around the brain.

This field is also directly impacted by our emotional states. Heartmath have found a 75% correlation between our emotional state and our heart rate variabilty (HRV), suggesting emotions, in part, maybe electromagnetic in nature, and directly impact physiology.

The fact that humans (and plants and animals) aren’t just powered through biochemistry, but also by factors governed by the science of physics like electricity, magnetism, light and even quantum phenomenon are all well documented.

Whether we are using conventional medical diagnostic tools like CAT scans, MRI scans, HRV, ECG or EEGs, these are all tools relying on the electrical nature of the body, or its invisible subtle energy fields.

Indeed, when confirming the very signs of life, doctors check for a pulse, which is electrical, not biochemical in nature.

Bioenergetic Health Scanning

Over thirty years of research by Peter Fraser, a scientist and Australian Professor of Acupuncture studying the “human body field” as he termed it, has resulted in the ProVision scanning software which can detect imbalances and distortions in our subtle energy fields.

Shots of the ProVision Screens

What the Bioenergetic Scan Does and How it Can Help

The bioenergetic scan provides a snap shot of the human body field in real time. The body field is an intelligent, self-organizing energetic structure that acts as a master control over biochemical processes in the body, mental and emotional states, the flow of energy in the body, co-ordination and much more.

The scan assesses the client’s body field comparing it to the optimum information, as researched by Peter Fraser. During the scan, the body field is matched to the ideal or optimum information, then imbalances or distortions in the field are highlighted in the various scan screens.

Correction of the imbalances and distortions flagged by the scan using infoceuticals (and the optional miHealth device) can help balance the client’s body field, which in turn allows the biochemical, mental and emotional processes to work better, thus supporting the client back to optimum health and wellbeing.

The human body field is made up of big fields and subfields, and the scan will show all of them and prioritize which distortions and imbalances need most attention. Highest priorities show up in red or purple readings, second priority in orange, then yellow, followed by green, then finally white for lowest priority.

The scan includes assessment of “big fields.” These show where there is a misalignment of a person’s body field with major earth axes such as the equatorial, polar and vertical axes. These types of imbalances must be corrected first for the rest of a recommendation protocols to work well.

Each organ and system in the body has its own field, such as the liver, heart, nervous and immune systems. All 16 of these systems are assessed in the scan in what is called the Energetic Driver screen.

There are also pathways of energy in the human body field which support information exchange throughout the body field. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these are known as meridiens. In the scan all 12 meridiens are assessed in the Energetic Integrator screen.

The scan also assesses for blockages caused by unresolved emotional trauma in the Brain Hologram screen. Research has shown that emotional trauma creates energetic distortions which can be identified in the bioenergetic scan.

The scan also includes nutritional and environmental assessment screens. These screens highlight where there are energetic distortions which would create problems in utilizing and metabolizing various vitamins, minerals, food and nutrients and where toxins may be negatively affecting a person’s body field.

Finally the scan provides a personalized recommendation plan for the client using infoceuticals (and the optional miHealth device) in the Recommendation screen to correct the high priority imbalances and distortions found in the scan.

Infoceuticals and the miHealth device will help correct any distortions in the big fields, energetic drivers and integrators, brain hologram nutrition and environment screens.

This is how the scan provides a very holistic approach to support a client’s energetic, biochemical and psycho-emotional wellbeing.

Video of Peter Fraser


Distortions and imbalances found in the body field can be corrected with “infoceuticals.” Infoceuticals contain water, minerals and the optimum information needed for each organ, system, terrain and meridien in the body. Infoceuticals can only be bought once you have booked in for a one to one bioenergetic scan with Niki. Click here to learn more about working one on one with Niki.

Remote Scanning

Another great feature of the bioenergetic scanning system is that clients can scan themselves from home. They simply order the scanner, download some software onto their computer at home, and once completed, their scan is automatically sent to their practitioner ready for their next consultation.

You can purchase the scanner if you decide to sign up for consultations with Niki here.

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